Webinar: What is Ruby Receptionists?

Are your missed calls costing you customers?

You have something incredible to sell, you’re spending money on fantastic marketing campaigns…and then what? If nobody answers the phone when potential new customers call, your dollars are wasted.

Ruby® Receptionists is here to help!

In our 30-minute recorded webinar you’ll discover how Ruby works, the ins and outs of Ruby’s exclusive mobile app, what our receptionists can do for you, and how Ruby can help you impress customers and new callers alike.

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  • Greg M.

    I wish I had found Ruby a long time ago. When I was in the process of setting this up, I made several telephone calls to the office, and every single one of the people answering the phone was very polite and helpful. How often does that ever happen?

  • Rob Dean

    Just signed up with @callruby. Only 30 mins to activate, already fielding client calls, amazing! Highly recommended.

  • Ian Landsman

    We’ve used @callruby for a few years now. Amazing improvement to our business.

  • Candace B.

    We use Ruby for our law firm, and I can't say enough good things about them! Worth every dang penny. They go above and beyond and are such an asset to our business. Thanks!!

  • Devin Smith

    I am so relieved to know that I can work in the field and still have a professional answering the phone every time it rings.

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