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We measure success in happy customers.

From small roofing companies to solo attorneys, marketing firms, and financial services professionals, we act as the ambassador of first impressions for over 8,000 small businesses. Our customers come from a variety of industries, each with their own unique goals and needs, but they all have one thing in common–a dedication to incredible customer experiences!

Discover the Ruby Difference

Jana Lombardi

360 Yardware

“Our experience with Ruby, over and over, is [that] Ruby is expert at what they do and we are beyond thrilled with what we get from our Ruby service.”

Sam Glover


“[Ruby] has been a life saver many times. It was great at my firm, it’s been great at Lawyerist and we love having that buffer. Otherwise I am my own worst enemy.”

Customer Success Stories

Elder Demolition

“Ruby sounds like they’re right in our office. I’ve had employees call into the office asking when the new receptionist was hired—even they couldn’t tell the difference!”

– JD Elder



Wheelhouse Wealth Advisors

Retaining Ruby is much more affordable and practical than hiring a person to our team. More than that, what Ruby does is unique and for what we do as wealth advisors it’s a perfect fit.”

– John Postizzi Jr.
Branch Manager, Financial Advisor, and
Investment Management Consultant


Axia Public Relations

“I don’t believe people can tell it’s a service at all. I think it’s all about the energy and enthusiasm as well as their ability to build and leverage technology to provide an outstanding service.”

– Jason Mudd, APR
Founder and Managing Partner,
Axia Public Relations


10,000+ Small businesses in North America rely on Ruby
to provide great customer service

  • Right-in-your-office quality.

    “Ruby is professional and our callers have no idea the receptionist isn’t sitting behind a desk in our office. I can call Ruby and let them know I will be in a meeting at a specific time and to let my callers know when I will begin returning calls. And, I can change those instructions throughout the day. Our Realtor Sales Associates are not required to be receptionists when they are in the office working. Ruby is wonderful to work with!”

    —Connie Campbell, Campbell Due Real Estate

  • Technology that adds a touch of WOW.

    “I am so very happy with Ruby Receptionists! Regardless of who answers the phone, I know my customers are hearing a friendly, upbeat, professional voice on the other end. The system is seamless, and I never cease to be amazed at the attention to detail paid by each receptionist. Best of all, they add little touches of WOW here and there that make each experience with Ruby Receptionists a red-carpet ride from beginning to end.”

    —Donna Cutting, Red-Carpet Learning Systems

    Service Provider Client Donna Cutting, Donna Cutting Presents - Ruby Receptionists
  • Improve client retention while lowering overhead costs.

    “My phone line is my lifeline. Using Ruby has almost doubled my client retention rate, lowered my overhead, and allows me to be where I need to be for my practice without worrying about incoming calls. Other services I have tried in the past do not come close to Ruby.”

    —Richard Jaffe, The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe

    Richard Jaffe, The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe - Ruby Receptionists
  • An attitude that impresses callers.

    “Ruby has greatly increased the efficiency of our business. Maintaining professional, customer-facing phone reception and connectivity is a key to our success – Ruby has made that facet of our business amazing. Having well demonstrated their professionalism and customer service, I cannot imagine running my business without them.”

    —Derek Zahler, Colorado Pipeline Rehabilitation

    Derek Zahler
  • Save time, look bigger.

    “I work out of my house, so it makes it appear as though my business is much larger. People respond with a higher level of respect for my time rather than thinking I’m a one-person firm whom they can call anytime.”

    —Karin Conroy, Conroy Consults

    Karin Conroy, Conroy Consults - Ruby Receptionists
  • Answered calls are captured opportunities.

    “Ruby has been a life-saver (and company-saver) for me. In the field I’m in, if you don’t answer the phone, the client calls the next person on their list. Ruby ensures my clients and future clients talk to a live person and Ruby gives the message to me immediately so I can call them as soon as I’m free. I’m a very satisfied customer!”

    —Sheila Rambeck, Rambeck Law

    Sheila Rambeck, Rambeck Law - Ruby Receptionists

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