Easy Does It! Simple Ways to Streamline your Ruby Service

By: Glynn Dickens, Problem Solver & Happiness Maker

As you know, Ruby’s claim to fame is our friendly, professional receptionists. We represent your business well because we care, and we know how to carry a comfortable conversation. You’ve likely hired us because you’re so busy with your flourishing business, you don’t always have the time to answer a ringing phone. That’s where we come in!

Just like your business, your Ruby account is unique! The way we handle your calls is customized to best fit the needs of your company. All that’s to say, there are certainly ways to most efficiently streamline your Ruby service to ensure that you’re capitalizing the value of each precious receptionist minute.

We’re made for it!

Receptionists are most successful when we’re able to do what we do best—make people’s days! We hire the best and brightest, the go-getters, the masters of conversation. When you leave room for Ruby to dazzle, we don’t disappoint! We’re able to instill confidence in your clients/customers with our positive phrasing and guiding. By having a few simple items for us to gather from callers, each interaction is short and sweet. Collecting a name, phone number, email address, and general intake from a potential new client is sure to leave them feeling in good hands. Best of all, you’re prepared to return their call, already briefed on their needs! It may also be helpful to have a short (think 4-5) list of Frequently Asked Questions for receptionists, enabling them to give quick answers to basic inquiries. This will help avoid a lengthy conversation of questions that receptionists aren’t equipped to answer, possibly causing confusion or frustration for your caller. Simple things like basic pricing, hours of operation, or areas of practice are all great pieces of information to have on hand, and usually expected by callers for receptionists to know.

We’re built for it!

Our proprietary software was created for Rubys, by Rubys. The technology allows receptionists to navigate your company’s call-handling instructions quickly and efficiently. By keeping those instructions succinct and easily digestible, we’re able to sound like the confident concierge of the office. In Ruby University (the immersive classroom setting each receptionist attends during initial training), there is heavy emphasis placed on the natural progression of a call, and how to most effectively guide callers. Ruby’s company average for calls from start to completion is 1.5 minutes. Of course, this time can fluctuate based on several factors, but receptionists have your best interest in mind and know that time equals money. Leaving your call-handling instructions brief and concise allows our receptionists to keep your minute usage as low as possible, while still delivering the world class service that you’ve grown accustomed to! Alternatively, when adding special instructions to confirm spelling for each call, a receptionist will naturally be on the phone a bit longer. Although our Rubys are smart as a whip, verifying information on a call can be tricky! We know to ask if we’re scratching our head about a name we thought we heard, but won’t waste your minutes with Catherine/Katherine or Stefan/Stephan. Unless, of course, you would like us to!

You can do it, too!

Remote Receptionist FeaturesWhile Ruby can set you up for success, there are other ways to ensure that your Ruby service is maximized—right in the palm of your hand! Our mobile app makes keeping up with your calls and messages a breeze. By keeping your eye on minute usage, you can be sure that each month sees its full potential. Whether it be utilizing our Outbound Calls team, or proactively reaching out when you’ve exceeded the allotted minutes in your billing plan, the app is a simple place to streamline your service right from your phone.

If you notice that you have forty minutes unused in this month’s plan with only a few days to go in the cycle, having our team of Outbound Calls Specialists give your clients/customers a ring on your behalf may be the perfect option for you! Outbound call minutes are bundled into your current billing plan, with the time counting towards your total receptionist minutes, so you never have to worry about watching those minutes go unused! This feature is perfect for appointment confirmations, gathering general intake information, or relaying a quick message on your behalf.

Did you know that Ruby is always happy to retroactively adjust your billing plan up to one month to best fit the needs of your business? If the 31st creeps up on you and you’ve used 195 minutes out of the 100 in your plan, give us a call or email staff@callruby.com! We can bump you up to the next plan, so you aren’t paying unnecessary overage fees. At Ruby, we pride ourselves on being flexible, and believe in the importance of adaptability. Your service is an extension to the flow of your company’s work, so it’s important that you know your options for optimizing usage. We understand that may look different each month, and that’s okay!

Ruby understands the art of communication. By trusting us with your callers, we’re able to delight them with conversation, provide a stellar first impression, and keep things moving for your business. Pairing our intelligent receptionists with our smart technology, you’ll always be in control of the service, leaving more time for you to do what you do best!

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