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Thousands of small businesses trust Ruby to boost their customer service!

  • “Ruby has greatly increased the efficiency of our business. Maintaining a profession, customer-facing phone reception and connectivity is a key to our success – Ruby has made that facet of our business amazing. Having well demonstrated their professionalism and customer service, I cannot imagine running my business without them.”

    —Derek Zahler, Colorado Pipeline Rehabilitation

    Derek Zahler
  • “As a small business owner I always try to deliver great customer service on all levels and Ruby Receptionists definitely gives me the edge. If I am in the showroom with a potential new client or on the phone, I don’t want to divide my attention to a new call. But each new call may lead to new business. Hiring Ruby was the answer. Every call is personally answered in a very friendly manner and the Ruby staff will know to take a message based on rules that I can easily set on my phone and now on my Apple watch. The human touch is missing in so many transactions, and Ruby makes our business standout. Thank you Ruby.”

    —Alan Andrews, North Star Stone

    Virtual Receptionist Service for Contractors
  • “Our small law firm has been using Ruby for over a year now. They give our clients excellent customer service, and I have never had a complaint. They often go above and beyond what you would expect from an answering service, even calling me on my cell phone to help a client (but always with an apology for going outside their call instructions). I have recommended them to other law firms in the past, and will continue to do so!”

    —Shelly Reed, Reed Law Firm

    Ruby head
  • “We signed up with Ruby in 2012, and have never looked back. Their responsiveness is always outstanding, and their customer service is the best I have ever seen. The receptionists who actually answer the phone are always highly professional, and represent our company to callers effectively.”

    —Brian Kichler, RxSafe

    Brian Kichler, RxSafe - Ruby Receptionists
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