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More than 70 billion inbound calls predicted to be made to businesses this year, and it’s time for you to cash in on the inbound phone call renaissance.

In our free ebook, The Business Call is Back: The Complete Guide to Capturing & Converting Phone Leads you’ll discover:

  • A step-by-step overview on capitalizing on turning calls into leads, into sales
  • How you can drive traffic to your phone
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Thousands of Businesses Count on Ruby to Turn Their Callers into Clients

  • “Ruby’s fantastic receptionists are a key part of my commercial real estate team. They efficiently handle my inbound calls with an awesome combination of professionalism and spunk. With Ruby on my side, I can be sure that I’ll never miss an opportunity.”

    —Bill Vogel, Third Coast Commercial Real Estate

    Realty Client Bill Vogel, Third Coast Commericial Real Estate - Ruby Receptionists
  • “I love Ruby! They make me look good, keep costs in check, and always respond promptly. You just cannot replace the value of a live, professional person to answer your calls, especially if you’re in a high-touch service business, and with Ruby, you don’t have to.”

    —Frank Molinar, Molinar and Co Financial Advocates

    Frank Molinar, Molinar and Co Financial Advocates - Ruby Receptionists
  • “Retaining Ruby’s services certainly allows us to project depth of team and stability, yet it’s so much more than answering the phone. It’s the little things—like not asking how to spell a client’s name helps our clients feel like they spoke to someone who knows them. That’s incredible!”

    —Nancy Malone, Wheelhouse Advisors

  • “My phone line is my lifeline. Using Ruby has almost doubled my client retention rate, lowered my overhead, and allows me to be where I need to be for my practice without worrying about incoming calls. Other services I have tried in the past do not come close to Ruby.”

    —Richard Jaffe, The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe

    Richard Jaffe, The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe - Ruby Receptionists
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