Ruby Integrations

By integrating our call data with the tools you use every day, we strive to centralize your customer communication into one system, so you have everything you need for efficient and effective customer follow-up.

Comprehensive Case Files With Ruby & Clio


Clio’s cloud-based practice management software provides everything attorneys need to run their practice from intake to invoice. Combined with Ruby’s live answering and sophisticated call data, attorneys will delight callers while being able to manage all client communication within their Clio account.




Improved Workflow

No more re-entering data! Ruby automatically syncs all your calls, voicemails, and messages with your Clio account, making it easy to associate client communications with specific contacts and matters.

Easy, Accurate Billing

Avoid sifting through pages of phones bills to find how much time you spent on a client call. Ruby’s intelligent call data includes the date and length of a call, so you can bill easily and accurately.

Informed Follow-up

In addition to answering 100% of your calls live, our detailed messages about inbound phone leads go directly into Clio, making follow-up with potential clients simple—resulting in more business for your firm!

Capture Client Opportunities With Ruby & Lexicata


Since 2011, U.S. businesses have seen a 130% increase in mobile calls per day. Lexicata’s CRM and client intake solution for lawyers combined with Ruby’s 100% live answering ensures you never miss an opportunity due to a missed call.




Even Quicker Client Intake

Ruby’s call data (name, phone, message, etc.) is automatically synced with Lexicata’s Quick Intake Form, making it easy to capture new leads—no data entry required!

Track Marketing Efforts

In addition to gathering intake information, our receptionists can also gather the source of the call, so you know which marketing channels are most effective.

Grow Your Practice

Missed calls and poor prospect tracking result in lost revenue. With the Lexicata-Ruby integration, you’ll capture more prospective client calls, and keep current clients happy!

Stop Missing Calls and Start
Delighting Your Customers Today!

Ruby’s integrations streamline your customer communication while giving you peace of mind that all your client calls are being answered by friendly, professional receptionists passionate about going above and beyond for your callers.