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Our feature-rich mobile app works in tandem with friendly receptionists to ensure your callers always receive the best experience. Easily update your status, call out from your business or personal line, share contact details, and view call activity, all with the tap of a screen—all you need to delight callers is Ruby® and a smartphone!

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Keeps Up With Your Schedule

Create temporary call-handling instructions based on your calendar, equipping our receptionists with the up-to-date information they need to sound like they’re right in your office.

Manage Calls On the Go

Our sophisticated call data and real-time notifications keep you connected to your callers without having to be in the office. Access your call records, messages, and voicemails from anywhere!


Ruby Mobile AppImpress With Shared Contacts

Import your phone’s contacts into the app, equipping our receptionists with the most accurate contact details and enabling an even more personalized experience.

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Status That Keeps You a Step Ahead

Wherever the day takes you, our status feature lets you tailor your call-handling instructions to your changing needs. With a few screen taps, our talented receptionists can route calls to a different number, relay information to callers, or give you time to focus on your tasks by taking messages or offering voicemail—and more.

Sync Ruby With Your Calendar

Connect your phone’s calendar to quickly schedule status updates based on the day’s events immediately upon login.

Save Common Updates

Create shortcuts for recurring meetings or appointments and set updates ahead of time for vacations, so even if your day gets away from you, Ruby is always in the loop.

Streamlined Call Management

Master customer communication tracking with tools designed to help you manage your call activity and delight customers. Our mobile app puts you in control of your call management no matter where you go with follow-up reminders and the ability to return calls right from the app!


Find What You Need

Easily locate important call records with our tools for searching and filtering your call activity.

Stay Organized

Sync With Your Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch you can view your last three calls, return those calls, and set your status with a single tap.

Choose Your Caller ID

Tired of carrying a personal and a business phone wherever you go? With the Choose Your Caller ID feature, you get two lines on one phone, giving you the freedom and flexibility to manage your business from anywhere.

All you have to do is select whether you want your cell number or business number to display when you make a call through the Ruby app—protecting your privacy is that easy (and customers will never know the difference)!

Route Calls Wherever, Whenever

Fine-tune your caller experience our Call Forwarding feature. With a tap, route calls to Ruby, or send calls directly to any number. Or, set calls to ring to a number of your choice, then roll over to Ruby, so you have the option of answering first.

Adjust your forwarding options as often you please—keeping you in control of how much or how little you use our live service.

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Data to Make Your Day Easier

We understand data helps you make informed decisions, which is why each call record includes useful details like caller ID, call length, and any information collected by our receptionists.

Plus, our handy charts keep you informed about your monthly usage, weekly call volume, even your highest call days, so you can see the impact of marketing campaigns or staff your phones effectively.


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