Legendary Service Stories

At Ruby®, we do more than answer your phones. We’re a member of your team, a partner in your growth, and an extension of your business. By delivering exceptional service to your potential and current customers, we build trust and loyalty that keeps them coming back. Your success is our success! Here are just a few examples of how we’ve helped others.

Ruby Helps Odyssey Grow

Odyssey and Ruby Receptionists

Justin Wekenmann, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of Odyssey Telecommunications, knows the impact of an exceptional phone experience better than most. Odyssey has over 50 years of experience in the industry, and they’ve seen the value of a real, caring person to closing a sale. It’s no wonder their team agonized over the decision to move to a virtual receptionist.

After trusting Ruby to provide this service, it didn’t take long to see they made the right choice. In the first week, Ruby’s exceptional service resulted in three sales orders. Not only did the orders more than cover the cost of a month of Ruby service, Odyssey’s sales continued. In fact, at the end of the first week, Ruby had earned the top spot on their sales associate team! Justin says that their sales close rate has increased by 8% since Ruby came on board.

“Ruby’s service proves our theory that a delay in getting back to a customer could lose a sale, and Ruby continues to bring in business month after month.” Nothing thrills us more than helping our customers grow their businesses, one phone call at a time!

Giving Them What They Don’t Even
Know They Want


Persistent and unwelcome, solicitors often put a tremendous strain on a business owner’s time. After all, when someone asks for “the business owner,” it’s often the CEO—the person in the least position to be interrupted—having to deal with the call.

As the CEO of topLingo, a web development firm, Jason Berry knew this feeling well. So when receptionist Meredith reached out to Jason with a particularly persistent solicitor, Jason made it very clear he was less than interested in talking to this caller. Meredith saw this as an opportunity to lighten Jason’s burden and protect his time, and suggested a slight adjustment to Jason’s instructions so receptionists would know to kindly show solicitors the door without having to bother him.

Providing legendary service is often born out of our desire to give customers what they don’t even know they want. Meredith’s proactive suggestion showed Jason his business is our business. “I added the ‘heavy screening’ option that was suggested to me by the excellent receptionist that last filtered out a caller. As always, thanks a bunch for continuing to make everything run smoothly for me and my biz.” Now Jason is free to run his business without the frequent interruption of unwelcome sales calls!

Meaningful Connections: A Universal Language


Imagine you are in need of legal representation, but have never hired an attorney before. You’re quickly overwhelmed by all of the ins and outs of the system and stress sets in. And, on top of it all, you speak little to no English. Seems a tad intimidating, right?

Tiffany, one of Ruby’s bilingual receptionists, helps to ease these fears. When a Spanish-speaking potential client called into customer Chris Biely’s law firm, Tiffany went out of her way to put the Spanish-speaker on the other end of the line at ease—an especially meaningful gesture for his line of work.

Chris runs a small family law group and helps clients with everything from divorce to child custody to probate matters. He strives to serve clients with enthusiasm and passion, so connecting with these clients on a human level is an important part of his mission. Tiffany’s kindness, tone, and willingness to listen to a potential client went a long way in helping Chris deliver on his promise.

“I wanted to express my gratitude to Tiffany and advise Ruby’s management staff of her willingness to go above and beyond to assist a Spanish-speaking potential client with her bilingual skills. She was very accommodating, and having bilingual receptionists is extremely valuable to our business.”

Outbound Calls Add a Personal Touch


Every year, local web design firm, Connective DX, hosts an international conference the brings together designers, technologists and business leaders driven to create experiences people love.

As the conference is called “Delight,”  Andrew McLaughlin’s marketing plan included delivering personal conference invitations to all 86 past attendees. Luckily for Andrew, he has Happiness Concierge Alex to take care of business and free up his valuable time.

Alex rose to the challenge, seizing the unique opportunity to make 86 meaningful connections. He got to work dialing numbers, creating relationships, and recording interactions for Andrew. With Alex’s pro phone skills and charming personality, he was able to complete all 86 calls in half a day! He even created an extra column on Andrew’s invite spreadsheet to track specific connections he made with each person he called, allowing Andrew and Connective DX to follow-up on those connections later. What would have taken Andrew all day, disrupting his optimal workflow, was accomplished by Alex with charm, precision, and speed in half the time. “Alex, thank you so much for the quick turnaround on this effort. We really do appreciate it!”

Human Service Saves the Day


Unlike other services that rely exclusively on scripts, being a Ruby receptionist means being able to think on your toes in order to best service our customers. When customer Jim Graham inadvertently forwarded his lines to Ruby on the same day that he had an important phone meeting, receptionist Katie had to make a quick decision.

Jim’s call-handling instructions were set for Ruby to only take messages, as opposed to transferring calls. Being a Ruby, Katie had been trained to step outside of instructions in special circumstances, and this particular phone meeting felt important.

It seems that Katie made the right decision! Jim was so impressed and thankful for Katie’s judgement that he wrote in to Ruby to brag. “Today I inadvertently forgot to unforward my phone and almost missed a very important call. Thankfully, Katie ignored today’s protocol and phoned me directly on my personal cell phone to tell me a scheduled call was on the line and waiting for me. Way to go, Katie! I appreciate the extra effort and the occasional act of irreverence for the rules. Your best judgement in this situation really helped me out. Ruby is the best!”

Thanks to Ruby’s expert training and one receptionist’s savvy sensibilities, Katie provided an exceptional experience for Jim and his caller!

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