How to use Ruby Call-Forwarding

Control when and how Ruby answers your phone with just a few taps in the app.

When you’re running a business, you wear many hats – sales person, client services expert, marketing coordinator, CFO. The list goes on!  Depending on the hat you’re wearing, you may sometimes want callers greeted by Ruby and other times you’d rather calls come to you directly. Whatever your need, Ruby has your back and gives you the power to control your day with Ruby Call-Forwarding.

Ruby Call-forwarding allows you to decide how much Ruby answers for you. Found under the More section of the Ruby mobile app and the customer website, Call-Forwarding is fast and easy to use.


Have Ruby answer every call

Need a day free of interruptions? Just forward your line to Ruby and we’ll greet each caller according to your Ruby call handling.


Take calls directly and bypass Ruby

There may come a time when you’d like to save your Ruby Receptionists minutes or have your own employee take calls for the day. Call-forwarding gives you the choice to bypass Ruby’s live answering by forwarding your calls to any number you like, such as your personal cell or your office phone.

Put Ruby in backup mode

Do you wish you could answer calls yourself, but are  worried about missing them when you’re away from the phone or on another call? Put Ruby in backup mode by toggling on “If no answer, forward to Ruby”. The call will ring to you first, and if you don’t answer it rolls over to Ruby.

Take Note! Avoid configuring a call loop.

If you’re already forwarding a number to Ruby from another provider like AT&T, GoogleVoice, or Vonage, do not forward your Ruby provided number back to your business number. If you do, those two numbers will be forwarded to each other, resulting in a loop, and calls won’t be answered.

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