The Story of Rubyland

rubyland board

Winter can be a tough time of year for employee morale. The days are shorter, mornings are darker, and the weather outside is anything but cheery. It is the perfect time to kick your employee engagement efforts into high gear and excite your team for the new year. At Ruby, this means launching into our year-end incentive campaign, Rubyland.

For several years, “Rubies for Rubys” was our end-of-year tradition. Rubys were given plastic rubies for completing tasks focused on building skills, client relationships, and relationships with fellow Rubys. At the end of the campaign, Rubys could shop for fun prizes using the jewels they earned as currency. When we added a second office in 2013, however, it became too difficult to handle so many plastic gems. With “Rubies for Rubys” due for a revamp, we set out to create an all-new campaign that would be easily managed across locations, as well as incorporate and highlight each of our Core Values—Foster Happiness, Innovate, Create Community, Practice WOWism and Grow. The result— Rubyland!

Based loosely on the popular children’s game, Rubyland challenges team members to complete 100 tasks derived from our Core Values. Each employee gets a task booklet and a game board.

The booklet contains 20 tasks per Core Value. Examples include:

  • Create Community by starting a 1 minute dance party in a communal space
  • Innovate by sharing a tip you use to make your day easier with a coworker
  • Grow by going on a tour of a local business that intrigues you and sharing your experience
  • Practice WOWism by sending a notecard to a client complimenting them on something you admire about them
  • Foster Happiness by leaving a funny or kind note in an unexpected place

Every space on the board represents a task, each color representing a different Core Value. Before a Ruby can mark off two spaces of the same color, they must first complete four tasks belonging to the other Core Values and mark off each space in between. For each task completed and space marked off in order, Rubys earn one ticket to be redeemed for prizes. Those who complete all 100 tasks achieve “Ruby Rockstar” status and have their name etched onto a special plaque.

Rubyland encourages Rubys to be the best they can be, both personally and professionally, along with building team camaraderie. It gives team members something to look forward to, as well as reconnects them with our Core Values right before our busiest time of year.

Ruby & Clio—Together At Last!

Ruby & ClioAt Ruby, we know communicating with clients is a critical part of an attorney’s job, but also one that can take up a great deal of time and energy. Keeping track of that communication can prove even more difficult.

Ruby Receptionists and Clio want to alleviate this burden and streamline attorney and client communication with our new integration. Now Clio users can automatically have Ruby messages and voicemail notifications sent to their Clio account, making it easy to associate these notifications with specific matters and contacts.

Communication log screenshot

For example, if a caller’s contact information matches the contact information of an existing contact within Clio, the Ruby message will automatically be assigned to that existing contact. Clio users can then go in and edit the message, add notes and contacts, or connect the message to a matter by typing in the matter number. Additionally, Clio users can add time to a message for billing purposes.

With Ruby and Clio together at last, attorneys will be able to:

  • Delight Callers: Callers are greeted by a cheerful, knowledgeable receptionist trained to deliver exceptional experiences.
  • Grow Your Practice: Missed calls are missed opportunities. Ruby answers 100% of calls live—13 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Break Free From Your Desk: With Clio’s cloud-based management software and Ruby’s ability to transfer calls to wherever you are, there’s no need to be tied to an office.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your calls are handled by a highly skilled and friendly receptionist, while saving you time with all your client’s details in one place!

If you’re a current Ruby and Clio client, download our instructions for integrating your Ruby notifications into your Clio account.

For Clio clients interested in learning more about the Ruby/Clio integration, or how Ruby can help your practice, send us an email at

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WOW Story of the Month: The Power of Listening


At Ruby, we strive to acknowledge a caller’s unique experience and needs in every interaction. The importance of this increasingly rare human connection is often at its most apparent when we have the opportunity to speak with callers who are going through deeply emotional moments in their lives. It is in these moments that a Ruby truly shines, and our WOW story of the month is a perfect example.

A woman called into a Ruby asking to be connected to one of our client’s lines. She was very frustrated, having made several attempts to reach the client and not hearing back. Our receptionist, Troy, used everything in his Ruby toolkit to soothe the woman, taking a detailed message and reassuring her he’d do everything in his power to get her a call back. After completing the message, the woman asked his name. Upon hearing his name, the woman began to cry.

She had recently lost her son, also named Troy, due to tragic circumstances. Troy patiently listened to her story with empathy and an open heart. He even comforted her by sharing a related story from his own life, to reassure her that she was not alone.

“She told me that she was having one of the worst days of her life, and that she was so grateful that I took some time to visit with her. She added how surprised she was that she had told me the things she did. She said it must have been the kindness in my voice.”

In an increasingly technology-focused, virtual world, it can be easy to forget how important these meaningful connections are to our lives. Troy could have easily rushed past this moment, but he took the time to comfort the woman. As a result, that interaction will stay with the woman each time she calls into our client’s line. Ruby views these small moments as opportunities to not only fulfill a service, but create a better, kinder world.

Happy 12th Birthday Ruby!

Ruby through the years
We’ve come a long way!

12 years ago, Ruby Receptionists began its journey to restore the lost art of human interaction in an increasingly technology-focused, automated world. From our humble beginnings working out of a small office with leaky pipes, the last decade has seen us grow to two locations with more than 200 employees. Yet, despite our growth, our mission remains the same—to WOW callers and clients alike, fostering happiness with each and every call.

Today we celebrate the wonderful friends, colleagues, staff and clients who have helped us grow year after year. Thanks for making every year better than the last, and cheers to another year of innovation, growth and, most importantly, making personal connections!



Introducing the Happiness Concierge Team

Happiness Concierge Team
The Ruby Happiness Concierge Team (From bottom left: April, Lisa, Jessie, Crystal, and Patti)

As Ruby continues to grow, the need for a dedicated team to handle client correspondence has grown too. That’s why Ruby is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our Client Happiness department—the Happiness Concierge team!

The Happiness Concierge team is committed to keeping our clients’ days running smoothly. Our Concierges are the first touchpoint for email communication between Ruby and our current clients. Any time an email is sent to, this group of Rubys is at the frontline to ensure everything we receive is handled by the right person—all while fostering connections with our clients! Happiness Concierges are here to help you in a number of ways, including:

Assists. If you would like Ruby to make outbound calls on your behalf, we are happy to do so! Perhaps you’d like us to confirm an appointment or gather extra information for you. The Happiness Concierges are on the job! They will make that call for you within an hour and send a follow-up email summarizing the conversation.

Status Updates. With our status feature, you can send Ruby updates to relay where you are, or a set of temporary instructions you’d like our receptionists to follow for the day. Aside from our handy Member Services site, iPhone, and Android apps, you’re also welcome to email us at Our Concierges are there to make sure your instructions are updated quickly and accurately. They also make sure to carefully review any special requests submitted via our Member Services site and apps.

Triage. Happiness Concierges are experts when it comes to the ins and outs of Ruby. Our Concierges triage more than 900 emails day! Whether they are handling a status update or directing a client email to a different department, they make certain client correspondence is handled by the right folks.

Patti Crume, Happiness Concierge Cultivator, sums up the motivations for our Happiness Concierge team perfectly:

“We love to hear from our clients, and especially enjoy seeing repeat clients use our features. It allows us to make connections every time we help!”

Are you a current client of Ruby? Send your assist requests, whereabout updates, and general questions to our Client Happiness department at Our Concierges look forward to making your day!

Ruby Earns Spot as One of Oregon’s Top 10 Best Large Companies to Work For


For the sixth year in a row, Ruby Receptionists has been named one of the best places to work in the state of Oregon by Oregon Business! We’re delighted and honored by this tremendous accomplishment.

As we’ve grown and moved from the small, to medium, to large company category, we’ve consistently stayed in the top 10 ranking—this year achieving 7th. We are certainly proud of this achievement, but know there is more we can do as a company. We have big goals for our company in 2015, and every day we rededicate ourselves to creating a culture where our employees love coming to work!

We’re grateful for our tremendous staff, and the wonderful clients that make our jobs a joy to perform each and every day. Thanks for your support!

Join Ruby CEO & Founder at February’s EO Talks

True Calling

Ever wondered about the reason behind our receptionists’ sunny demeanor when they answer your calls?

Ruby founder and CEO, Jill Nelson, will share the secret behind what makes Ruby such a great place to work—and how a strong company culture positively impacts customers—at the February 12th EO Talks event here in Portland.

The event will also include presentations from fellow Entrepreneurs Organization members in the Portland area, including the founders of Salt & Straw, Nutcase Helmets, Little Big Burger, and Anvil Media. Hear from Oregon’s best about the critical steps they’ve taken to build a thriving business.

EO Talks
Thursday, February 12th
7:30am-9:30am (Continental breakfast will be provided)
The Nines Hotel
$25 per ticket

Register Now


About EO
Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is for entrepreneurs only—it’s a global organization with over 10,000 entrepreneurs in a connected network of dynamic entrepreneurs who support one another professionally and personally. In Portland, there are more than 95 entrepreneurs connecting via peer to peer learning forums and once-in-a-lifetime experiential events. EO Portland is a place where entrepreneurs share the good, the bad, and the ugly in a completely confidential atmosphere.

Speaker Lineup:

Jill Nelson | CEO and Founder | Ruby Receptionists
“Call Someone who Cares”
Ping-Pong tables. Dress up days. Over-the-top parties. Sure, Ruby has ‘em. But if you asked employees why Fortune Magazine named Ruby Receptionists a top-three best place to work for three years running, these wouldn’t make the list.
Kent Lewis | CEO and Founder | Anvil Media
“Pivoting to Prosperity | The Anvil Credo”
In early 2013, Anvil President & Founder Kent Lewis was at a crossroads with is 13 year-old marketing agency. He was disconnected from his team, clients and his passion. He realized something needed to change. Late one night, he wrote what became The Anvil Credo, as a way to reconnect his Why to Anvil’s mission, vision and values
Michael Morrow | CEO and Founder | Nutcase Helmets
“Big Bang Nutty Brand: The 15 year overnight success of Nutcase”
November 16, 2000 was a fateful day for Michael Morrow. After 10 years at Nike, he was leaving to start his own brand strategy agency.
Kim Malek | Owner and Founder | Salt & Straw
“Creating Great Neighborhood Places”
Laying in a warm grassy field in Billings, Montana when I was 12, I realized that I’d like to create my own great neighborhood place someday…where even if you weren’t from there, you felt connected. Fast forward to 2011, I moved to Portland for love and had the chance to realize that dream in the form of an ice cream shop.

Katie Poppe | Owner and Founder of Little Big Burger, Blue Star Donuts and other culinary ventures
“14 restaurants in 4 years – an introvert’s recipe for becoming a restaurant mogul”

Introducing Ruby’s New Brand Evangelist!

Photo by Minkmade Photography
Photo by Minkmade Photography

Howdy and hello! I’m Katie Hurst, the new Brand Evangelist here at Ruby Receptionists. I’m delighted to join the Ruby team, as the company has been on my radar since moving to Portland nearly two years ago. At the time, I was working for a website development firm in town that used Ruby for all our client calls. The positive attitude and friendly demeanor with which each Ruby handled our calls left a strong impression—so much so I knew this was a company I had to work for.

Prior to moving to Portland, I had the pleasure of running a network of nonprofit collaborative workspaces dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It was amazing to see folks sharing their challenges and successes with the community, as well as eagerly absorbing all the tools and tips we could publish. It was in this role I discovered my passion for building community, as well as creating and curating resources that help others succeed.

Ruby is equally passionate about easing the burden on small business owners through not only our service, but through our blog and social networks as well. This is what I look forward to most in my role as Brand Evangelist—expanding our resource library with tips on communication, customer service, building a company culture—everything a small business needs to succeed. Great resources should solve a problem, whether that is answering a question, sharing best practices, or making it easier to reach a goal. This philosophy has guided my writing and outreach over the past 10 years, and one I feel fits in well with Ruby’s core values.

snowshowingIn addition to helping small businesses through informative and fun resources, I also enjoy geeking out on obscure movie trivia (did you know The Imitation Game was the top unproduced screenplay of 2011?), skipping through the halls (because who doesn’t?), and creating failed versions of Pinterest projects.

Each and every day our receptionist have the pleasure of making your life just a bit easier, and I’m pumped to find more tools, resources, and best practices to assist even further! I welcome your ideas, so please feel free to reach out with your thoughts.

If you’re wondering, “But where did the other Katie go?!”—fret not, Katie Wilson’s still in the house! She’s just transitioned into a new role—an entirely new department, in fact. Katie’s now one of our Ruby Experience Leads, ensuring that employees, callers, and clients alike receive world-class experiences. In addition to writing for the blog, she’s currently helping beef up Ruby University, our thorough and ongoing training program. With her at the helm, we know our employees will have all the right tools to continue making wow-worthy connections!