Ruby Integrations Streamline Workflow and Billing for Lawyers

Ruby Receptionists, Legal Answering Service

Our small business customers rely on Ruby to be their technology partner, and we’re passionate about using technology to simplify their day-to-day operations—giving our customers the freedom to focus on big-picture goals and plan for the future. Integrations are one of the key ways we get there. By integrating our call data with the tools our customers use daily, we help ensure that no matter where they go, our customers have everything they need to run their businesses efficiently.

Did you know more than 40% of Ruby customers are lawyers? That’s one of the big reasons our legal answering service partnered with three trusted resources for attorneys: Clio, Lexicata, and our newest addition, Rocket Matter.

  • Ruby and Rocket Matter’s cloud-based practice management software work together to streamline workflow, automatically syncing calls, voicemails, and messages with your Rocket Matter account. Plus, our call data includes the date and length of every call for easy, accurate billing.
  • Similarly, Ruby pairs with & Clio’s cloud-based practice management software to easily associate client communications with specific contacts and matters, and make billing a breeze.
  • And Ruby works with Lexicata’s all-in-one CRM and client intake solution to make client intake even quicker, track marketing efforts, and more.

These integrations are part of our ongoing effort to deliver unparalleled service that helps our customers thrive, and we look forward to integrating with more innovative tools in the future to serve both our attorney customers and all our small business customers.

“Ruby understands the unique needs of solo and small-firm practitioners, and by integrating their Ruby call data with the tools they use every day, we help centralize their client communications into one system. This provides the first step in efficient and effective client billing, follow-up, and customer retention. By partnering with widely adopted industry solutions, we simplify and streamline many aspects of their practice to help them better serve their clients and grow their practices.”

—Katharine Nester, Ruby Chief Product & Technology Officer

To start syncing your Ruby service with your Rocket Matter, Clio, or Lexicata account today, log in to Ruby and click our new Integrations link—and if you haven’t visited the Integrations area recently, we hope you like the new look and feel!

Not a Ruby customer yet? Learn more about our integrations here!

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Ruby and Rocket Matter Team Up!

Rocket Matter

As your technology partner, Ruby is always working to invest in technologies and integrations to make running your business easier—and we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Rocket Matter!

One of an attorney’s biggest struggles is staying on top of the repetitive, daily tasks associated with having clients. Keeping track of client communications and billing can eat up a lot of an attorney’s day—leaving little time to focus on your cases.

That’s why Ruby is collaborating with Rocket Matter to make your day easier! By combining Ruby’s live, friendly virtual receptionists with Rocket Matter’s cloud-based practice management system, your information will always be organized and right where you want it.

The days of manual data entry are over. Ruby automatically syncs all your calls,
voicemails, and messages directly with Rocket Matter. Plus, with our intelligent and extensive call data, you no longer have to sift through pages of phone bills to find out how much time you spend on client calls.

With Rocket Matter and Ruby, attorneys will experience:

  • Happier callers – Ruby’s team of customer service experts are trained to build trust with potential clients from the very first interaction—setting you up for success. And, because all your messages and call data are stored in your Rocket Matter account, following up on those calls has never been so easy.
  • Quicker, easier billing – With Ruby’s sophisticated call data and Rocket Matter’s cloud-based organization, billing is a piece of cake! Say hello to freeing hours you can dedicate to billable work.
  • Faster workflow – Does anything feel better than automating your busywork? When Ruby syncs with your Rocket Matter account, all your information is automatically updated after every phone call.
  • Room to Grow – Ruby answers 100% of business hour calls live—giving you the freedom to focus.

Get the hours you dedicate to busywork back. You can count on our team of friendly, professional receptionists to provide top-notch customer service while keeping all your client details in one place!

For Rocket Matter clients interested in learning more about the Ruby/Clio integration, or how Ruby can help your practice, send us an email at

Stop by our integrations page to learn more!

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Announcing our 2017 Theme: In Our Customer’s Shoes

In Our Customer's Shoes

At our all-staff meeting last month we kicked off 2017 with an exciting new theme, “In Our Customer’s Shoes!” We’re thrilled to build our year around a theme that combines so many of our core values—and is stylish to boot.

We wanted this theme to reflect our desire to get to know our customers better than ever, so we can anticipate their needs and provide exceptional experiences. This driving theme will help us perpetually improve our services so we can continue to help our customers grow!

What “In Our Customer’s Shoes” Means to Us

At Ruby, we provide virtual receptionist services for a variety of industries including attorneys, contractors, financial professionals, real estate agents, marketing agencies, and more.

As we grow and work with more industries, we’ve realized one critical, often-overlooked thing. The shoes worn by an attorney look very different than those worn by a contractor.

In most cases, their shoes are quite literally different. The work boots stand apart from heels or sneakers—and the people wearing those shoes have different needs and work in a variety of environments.

The more we understand our customers, the better we’re able to WOW them!

How it Fits with our Core Values

We live and breathe our core values, so naturally, we had to pick a theme that appeals to all of them!

  • Foster Happiness – Our goal is to provide callers with real, meaningful connections made on behalf of our customers. By standing in their shoes, we get a better idea of what those connections should look like!
  • Practice WOWism – Every industry comes with different needs and new challenges. Understanding the nuances of each industry helps us WOW customers and callers alike by anticipating, then exceeding, their needs.
  • Create Community – When our customers win, we win. At Ruby, we consider ourselves part of our customers’ team, so naturally, we want to truly understand what that team needs.
  • Innovate – The better we understand the needs of our customers, the more capable we are of innovating to create a better customer experience!
  • Grow – Understanding our customers is the first step to helping them flourish!

We can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!

What’s your theme for the year? Tweet us at @callruby to let us know!



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Webinar: The Secret to Attracting and Retaining Customers

The Ruby Service Pyramid created by Jill Nelson

A great customer experience is the not only the biggest driver of customer loyalty, but also a primary method for building word-of-mouth buzz that brings in new business. In our free 45-minute webinar, we want to share our recipe for delivering legendary service, and show you how it can help you attract and retain customers while engaging employees. Come behind the scenes with Christina Burns, our Director of Customer Happiness, as we explore:

  • Each layer of our service delivery system—the Ruby Service Pyramid®
  • Practical tools for building your own service delivery system
  • Testimonials from small business owners who have experienced the impact of the Service Pyramid firsthand

By the end of the webinar, you’ll understand the benefits of a customer service-focused culture, and have you the tools you need to begin building your own service pyramid. There will be time at the end to address any questions, and the webinar will be recorded.

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Webinar: The Insider’s Guide to Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

Receptionist at desk

When Ruby® Receptionists was founded in 2003, “virtual receptionist” was a relatively unknown term. Today, virtual receptionist services abound, and choosing the right one for your business can feel overwhelming. If you’re considering a virtual receptionist service—or just interested in learning what virtual reception is all about—our upcoming webinar can help.

During this free webinar, we’ll give you the tools you need to find your ideal virtual receptionist service, and answer these common questions:

  • What is a virtual receptionist service, anyway?
  • How does a virtual receptionist service differ from other options?
  • How can a virtual receptionist service benefit my business?
  • What features do various services offer?
  • What should I ask when shopping around, to ensure I make the best choice?

By the end of the webinar, you’ll not only have a good understanding of whether a virtual receptionist service is for you, but also insider tips on how to customize your account! There will also be time at the end of the webinar to address any questions.

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Ruby Now Delighting Callers in Spanish and English

Spanish-Speaking Virtual Receptionists

If you’re a small business owner in the United States, you probably understand the value of communicating with your potential and current clients in English. But did you know the U.S. is home to the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world? With more than 52 million Spanish-speaking residents, we outnumber Spain—only Mexico exceeds us. In fact, our Spanish-speaking population is expected to grow substantially, with the U.S. Census estimating 138 million Spanish speakers by 2050—the highest in the world. For small businesses striving to grow, communicating in English and Spanish can be a big opportunity to gain customers. 

While the majority of Spanish speakers in the U.S. are fluent in English, one third of our Spanish-speaking population is not. In 2013, 12.5 million Spanish-speakers rated their ability to speak English as less than “very well,” and 3.2 million reported they don’t speak English at all. For those who speak English less than “very well,” the flexibility to converse with a business in Spanish brings peace of mind. If you’ve ever traveled to an area where your primary language is spoken infrequently, you know what a relief it can be to find a friendly person who does speak your language.  

With more than 50 million Spanish-speakers in the U.S and countingincluding more than 15 million who aren’t confident in their Englishit stands to reason businesses serving Spanish and English-speaking customers have a competitive advantage, particularly in states with high concentrations of Spanish-speaking residents. But there’s more to securing Spanish-speaking customers than simply speaking and advertising in Spanish. Lasting customers are built on human connection. If you advertise in Spanish, but aren’t able to get to the phone when a Spanish-speaking prospect calls, they’ll likely do what most customers would do: move on to another business. 

If you’re interested in winning business from Spanish and English speakers alike, Ruby® Receptionists has exciting news. We’re thrilled to announce we’re now offering our legendary service in Spanish and English to all customers, at no extra cost! Reaching a live person on the phone not only creates that critical connection, it boosts a client’s confidence in your business. Our bilingual receptionists show Spanish-speaking callers you care about their needs from the very first interaction, building trust that is enhanced with every subsequent call we answer. We’re dedicated to creating meaningful personal connections with every caller, making them feel special while making you look good.

Ruby can help you deliver consistently excellent experiences for your Spanish and English-speaking callers. Whether Spanish-speaking callers are commonplace or occasional for your business, we’re ready to deliver a WOW-worthy experience to your callers.

Start making stellar first impressions in English and Spanish today!

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Ruby Turns 13!

Ruby's 13th BirthdayBecoming a teenager is a major milestone on the path to growing, one that comes with lots of exciting changes—and for Ruby® Receptionists, it’s not much different! Just like real teenagers, we’re growing at a fast pace: opening a third location, hiring more than 100 additional employees, and achieving our ninth year in the top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Oregon.

Teenagers also begin taking on bigger projects and being trusted with more responsibility. With 13 years under our belt, Ruby has built a great deal of trust among small businesses for our ability to create connections and consistently deliver exceptional experiences. Our team takes this responsibility very seriously, and over the past year we’ve taken on big improvement projects like redesigning our mobile apps and Member Services site, as well as exploring integrations with services that can make our customers’ businesses more efficient.

And, just like real teenagers, it’s a time of new experiences and lots of fun! Our unique culture continues to be the cornerstone of our company, and we’re enjoying all the new faces and new programs, like our Swellness Campaign, photo booths, doodle wall and more!

Thanks to all our Rubys, customers, friends, and fans that make every birthday a special one—and cheers to many more!

Redefining Sick Time: Say Hello to “Swellness”


Swellness campaign

I’ll be the first to admit I’m annoyingly stubborn when it comes to being sick. I’ll deny I’m ill until I’m running a high fever and can no longer speak in clear sentences. Then, I’ll be dragged to bed, only to whip out my laptop and continue to work from home.  And while I may view this stubbornness as dedication and commitment to my job, let’s be honest—I’m doing no one any good working at less than 100%.

In 2014, researchers estimated the total cost of presenteeism—showing up to work, but not fully functioning due to illness—had risen to $250 billion annually. Not only is the sick employee performing at a reduced capacity, they risk the health of other employees, and the employee’s families—a sickness spiral that can go on for months.

To truly Foster Happiness at Ruby, it’s important our employees feel healthy—physically, emotionally, and mentally—and take the time to heal at home. So, we’re combating presenteeism by redefining the concept of “sick time,” a term we feel focuses on the problem rather than the outcome. After all, the reason you stay home sick is to get well!

Announcing “Swell Time”

Earlier this month, Ruby launched our “Swellness” campaign. Running through the entire month of May, the Swellness campaign is based on four pillars of wellness: happiness, movement, connections, and nutrition, and will include weekly actions supporting those pillars. Team members received their very own beautifully designed Ruby Mandala poster and a list of activities—ranging from “Get your daily 8+ glasses of H2O” to “Explore the therapeutic process of coloring for 15 minutes,” to “Attend a fitness class.” Additionally, team members were given a Swellness Journal with more than 75 pages of prompts to encourage reflection on their emotional health.

Mandala in processAs team members complete the listed activities, they color in the corresponding spaces on the Ruby Mandala. There are three speeds of actions: “Just The Basics Baby”, “Take It Up A Notch”, and “Push The Limits.” This allows employees to choose their focus, level of activity, and complete the actions that make the most sense for them. As an incentive, team members can enter for prize drawings, which occur each week on “Swellness Wednesdays.”

The best part? We want to share this campaign with you! If you’re considering launching a wellness program for your employees, let us know. We are happy to make the mandala design, activity booklet, and journal available to you as a guide.

When it comes to your health, focusing on wellness versus overcoming illness can be just the perception shift you need to get better quick, and avoid the sickness spiral!