WOW Story: Nobody Here but Us Chickens

Customer Service Chickens

Picture this: It’s Friday afternoon. Your co-workers have all slowly trickled out of the office, the closed sign is on the door, and the weekend is within your grasp. You’re just packing up for two days of fun when your desk phone rings. What do you do?

You could easily ignore the call, leaving the message until Monday. Or you could answer and see who Ruby has for you—just in case it’s important. If you’re Ruby customer Natasza, you definitely take the high road…with a big smile, to boot!

Ruby receptionist Rachel recently reached Natasza two Fridays in a row. These calls were Rachel’s last of the day in both instances and, in both instances, Natasza’s office was technically closed. But Natasza took Rachel’s call anyway and Rachel was struck by how chipper and cheerful Natasza always seemed to be, especially late in the afternoon on a Friday.

Rachel took the time to create a beautiful, hand-drawn, personalized notecard and share her delight with her favorite Friday customer. And she couldn’t have done it any better!

In true Natasza style, she responded with a notecard of her own, one-upping the original connection by adding a fun pencil and chicken flingers to the mix. (What are chicken flingers? Apparently, you stretch them on your finger and fling them across the room for endless office fun!)

Thank you so much for your kind words as well as your fantastic decorative card. It’s hanging in my cubicle. It’s a pleasure speaking with you when you call in. Thank you again for taking the time to spread cheer to me. I appreciate you taking the time. You’re the best.

Clearly, Rachel’s kind words made quite the impact on Natasza. It just goes to show that you can never underestimate the power of a handwritten note. Now just watch where you’re flingin’ them chickens, Rach!

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Ruby Goes to Bootcamp

marketing agency answering service

Managed service providers (MSPs) and a variety of tech professionals gathered at the IT Sales and Marketing Bootcamp conference to talk business. The event boasted seminars delivered by prominent marketing consultant Robin Robins, and the opportunity to learn from peers within the tech industry. For the third year running, the Ruby® crew attended the event, eager to engage with fellow technology and service focused companies.

While chatting with MSPs, the value they place on quality customer service became clear. Most calls received by these companies are either current customers phoning in for technical support, or prospective customers seeking product information. While answering every call is an ideal practice for most companies, this isn’t always feasible.

Through our conversations with MSP business owners, the Ruby team was able to identify features of our service that prove especially valuable to MSPs striving to provide a delightful experience for their callers:

  • A live, remote receptionist to answer every call. Customers phone in to speak with a human, not an auto attendant. Greeting callers with a live and friendly voice is key in setting the stage for a trusting relationship. From the way we say hello to call-handling specifics, Ruby tailors our legendary service to the unique needs of each company we partner with. We strive to provide callers with the in-house experience they called for.
  • Accurate intake information. For customers in need of tech support, giving information to a real person leaves them feeling heard rather than wondering if a technician received their voicemail. Ruby can route calls or open support tickets through an open webform. By collecting accurate information for techs to follow up on, our receptionists help to streamline business efforts while creating memorable customer experiences.
  • Increased sales. A missed call is a missed opportunity. If a potential new client’s call goes unanswered, they may not wait for a call back before moving on to a competitor.

Having the opportunity to connect with tech professionals at the Marketing Bootcamp was a priceless experience. We were granted a view into how Ruby can help MSPs cultivate meaningful connections with their customers, growing their business one call at a time. This conference was one for the books!

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy on International Happiness Day

RubyReceptionists Service Pyramid

With titles like “Problem Solver & Happiness Maker,” “Service Kickstarter & Happiness Builder,” and “Happiness Cultivator,” International Day of Happiness is one of our Customer Happiness team’s favorite holidays!

While the Customer Happiness team goes through rigorous and continual training to ensure we’re prepared to support our customers and program beautiful instructions, a desire to fulfill our core value of Foster Happiness is something that can’t be taught. Here’s our manifesto:

We are a league of superheroes. We are leaders, advocates, and friends, who are masters of sharing Ruby® magic. We believe in simple and creative solutions. We embrace change and celebrate innovation, teamwork, and tacos. We act with integrity and assume charitable intentions. Together, we define, embody, and elevate the standards of world-class service.

Each of us is here because we have a calling to make people happy—and that extends to our customers, callers, and colleagues. We do this with help from the Ruby Service Pyramid®.
The base of the pyramid is Be Prepared with the Right Infrastructure. Our Kickstarter team works hard to ensure that our new accounts start off on the right foot by programming beautiful instructions for receptionists and providing new customers with everything they need to know about getting started with Ruby.

Next up, Do What We Say We’ll Do. Problem Solvers & Happiness Makers own the customer experience once they’re all signed up. If a customer needs us to start handling a new type of call, we’re there to program those instructions in a way that will remain consistent for our receptionists. If there’s ever a mistake or a misunderstanding, we’re there to ensure that those are corrected, and the root of the concern is resolved.

Foster Happiness is so important to us that it’s both a core value and a level of the Service Pyramid!

Customer Happiness is also there to Create Experiences. Receptionists reach out to Customer Happiness every day, to connect customer calls our way and to alert us of any updates that might need to be made. While Customer Happiness is located in a separate office, we make it our mission to connect with receptionists to create one large community as a company. This might be as simple as including a cute cat photo in my email reply, or sending a handwritten notecard to let that one receptionist who always makes me smile know that I’m thinking of them.

Moving our way up the pyramid, we find Give Them What They Don’t Even Know They Want. Let’s say we just added a new instruction to ask callers a few new questions when taking a message. Rather than adding the instruction and leaving it at that, our customer might get a call from the Problem Solver they worked with a few weeks later, just to check in and see how those changes are working out. It’s more than a passive exchange, it’s a full-circle conversation that the customer didn’t see coming.

If we’ve fostered happiness by mastering the Service Pyramid, then we reach the very top—Make Meaningful Connections. This is my favorite piece. There’s a customer I sent a handwritten notecard to as a receptionist back in 2016, just thanking them for making my day. This customer not only reached out through work channels to thank me, but stayed in touch personally after learning we had a few friends in common. To this day, we write each other now and then just to check in. He sends me articles that he knows I’ll be interested in, and I share pictures of events I attend with our mutual friends.

Now, this won’t happen on every call, every email, or even every face-to-face meeting. But the relationship and friendship I’ve built with this customer is the Customer Happiness special sauce—we foster happiness by taking a genuine interest in the lives of our customers and each other.

So, on this International Day of Happiness, I ask you to not only think of something that makes you happy, but take that and share it with someone else.

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To Earn Customers, Learn to Sell Like a Kid

Always be closing

A few weeks ago, I came across a sales article exploring how to “sell like a child” that outlined how we can learn from the true artists of negotiation: small children.

Having kids myself, ages three and six, I took the bait and found myself intrigued by the simple tactics children use to get what they want. Had I been ignoring the sales training gold sitting at my fingertips all this time?

I started observing my children through a different lens. What other similarities existed between my pint-sized offspring and the best sales professionals I have encountered in my career?

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

They are naturally curious

Did you know that the average four year old girl asks approximately 390 questions a day?

Yeah, I didn’t either, until I had kids. It comes on early and fast, the insatiable thirst to understand the world around them.

For my son, his first deep dive into the world of “why” was about motorized vehicles. He wanted to learn everything about cars, tractors, trains, buses. He quickly started using the word “why” to question just about every decision we would make.

  • “Why do we brush our teeth?”
  • “Why can’t I have an extra bedtime story?”
  • “Why can’t I play with Daddy’s power drill?”

Like any sleep-deprived parent of a preschooler and infant, this constant questioning was absolutely maddening to me, but looking back I understand it. He was seeking to understand the world and how adults made decisions. And to think we tried to stifle that curiosity!

Just like the most successful sales people I have encountered, small children use questions to help understand people’s motivations and to combat rejection. And speaking of rejection…

They can take a lot of rejection

They say that it takes 7-10 attempts of asking for a conversation before a prospect will say yes. In the case of my kids, they pretty much never give up.

Whether it is one more book, a TV show before breakfast, or staying up late, most young kids don’t view the word “no” as the end of the discussion. Instead, they take it as a cue to reframe the question—all in practicing their tactics of negotiation.

They are competitive and keep score

My son measures himself against the competition (his three-year-old sister) constantly. From who gets the most minutes in the bathtub to the biggest glass of milk, he is always keeping score.

Isn’t a sticker chart just the junior version of a sales leaderboard? And boy, does he like to win.

They know how to close

Kids are the best closers, and my kids are no exception.

I recently picked up my son from school and, as we were walking to the car, he casually said to me, “So Mommy, what are we having for dessert tonight?” Now, in our family, we have dessert on holidays, birthdays, and the occasional weekend, so it’s not a common occurrence, but those simple words planted the seed in my mind, and I thought, “This kid just used the assumptive close on me!”

And in case you are curious, although I completely saw through George’s salesmanship, I had to commend him for his tactics. After he met my objections (eating dinner), he got his close (vanilla ice cream).

They believe in what they are selling

Ever seen a child pull out the big guns when they feel “meh” about something? Yeah, me neither.

Regardless of what they’re “selling”, they feel passionate in their persuasion. That kid running the neighborhood lemonade stands truly believes that their citrus inspired beverage is the best on the planet and that their customers will be better off after their thirst is quenched.

I believe the difference between selling for a paycheck or as a true profession is the belief that your customers will be better off using the goods or services you provide. I have been fortunate in my career to work at companies where I understood and believed in the value of the products and services I represented. I’ve witnessed the real, material impact that can come when a business need is identified, solutions are implemented, and organizations can focus on the growth of their organizations. At Ruby, we have the privilege of connecting business owners with an innovative solution that helps them grow and thrive, one happy caller at a time—something my team and I are proud to believe in.

There are many ways we can learn to “sell like a child.” But there are also many ways children are the worst sales people. Tune back in soon for the second post in our series!

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Making a great first impression

First impressions are one of your most powerful resources—or one of your biggest pitfalls. From your first interaction with potential customers, you’re laying a foundation of trust. A foundation that is key to ensuring a long-lasting customer relationship.

Get our tips and tricks on creating strong first impressions directly from Ruby’s VP of Customer Success, Christina Burns!

In our free ebook, we discuss:

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WOW Story: Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

At the beginning of winter, we are often more likely to welcome the crisp air, pulling our coziest sweaters and softest mittens from the depths of our closets. By February we start dreaming of a little more sun and a lot more warmth.

Ruby customer, Gwendolyn was stuck with a bad case of the winter blues. Who could blame her? She woke up one morning to a 31-degree day in North Carolina, a state with a typically temperate climate.

On this particularly frigid morning, she spoke with receptionist, Tyzoe. Gwendolyn mentioned that she was feeling pretty chilly and was finding it hard to be her natural, positive, upbeat self. Tyzoe asked Gwendolyn to do her best to stay warm and wished her well.

Of course, Tyzoe being a Ruby, this wasn’t the end of the story. Tyzoe jumped on Amazon and picked out a super-soft Snuggie to keep Gwendolyn toasty until spring.

Gwendolyn was truly touched by Tyzoe’s thoughtfulness and she reached out to show her appreciation. Her words speak not only to how amazing Tyzoe is but what an impact Ruby has had on Gwendolyn and her law practice.

A Warm Hello Tyzoe,

I arrived at my office to see a gift waiting for me. Now, who doesn’t love gifts? I am absolutely overcome with gratitude and joy. Thank you for the Snuggie. I love it, love it, love it. I have known from day one that I struck gold with Ruby Receptionists. My one wish in life is that I live my life in such a way that I am found worthy. I see in you the character that I behold. Being a lawyer isn’t what I do, it’s who I am. You too, are much more than your role at Ruby. I carry your kindness with me always.

And yes…

It is still cold. I know this beautiful Snuggie will not leave my side. ❤


Fantastic work, Tyzoe! Your story has warmed my heart. (Pun totally intended!)

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WOW Story: National Lampoon’s Ruby Vacation

The holidays are a time for tradition; a time for nostalgia; and, if you’re last name happens to be Griswold, a time for some potentially groan-worthy movie references.

Ruby Receptionist, Tyler Griswold is certainly familiar with this annual phenomenon. And it seems he’s found a kindred spirit in customer, Jeff Griswold.

When Tyler remarked on their matching last names, he and Jeff began swapping stories of people connecting them to the fictional Griswold family from the National Lampoon Vacation films. To help Jeff get in the holiday spirit (and show his Griswold team pride), Tyler ordered a Clark Griswold desk ornament à la National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It was holiday season, after all!

Tyler, thanks so much for the Clark Griswold desk ornament. I love it.

We are entering that time of year when we Griswolds start to hear all of the Christmas vacation one-liners from people we meet. “Ha… no way… are you related to Rusty?! Is your dad Clark?” As Griswolds we must smile politely and feign laughter, pretending that we haven’t heard that same exact thing for the 6th time this week.

Hope this finds you well and thanks again,

At least both Tyler and Jeff have a great sense of humor about their predicament! And honestly, there are worse names they could share…

Tyler, thanks for bringing that classic Ruby charm to Jeff! You’ve proven that sometimes sharing a laugh is the perfect remedy for a case of the Griswolds.

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WOW Story: The Steve Miller or a Steve Miller?

If you’re a fan of classic rock, you’re definitely familiar with the Steve Miller Band. Or maybe you’ve just seen Happy Feet and recognized that cover of The Joker. Either way, there’s no denying that the Steve Miller Band owns a place in rock history.

Ruby Receptionist, Sarah B. definitely knows who Steve Miller is so she perked up a bit when she spoke with a caller of the same name a few weeks ago. Steve called Ruby customer Shelly, searching for estate planning services. Shelly and Sarah shared a good laugh about whether this was the Steve Miller or simply a Steve Miller.

Of course, Sarah couldn’t let this opportunity pass her by. She hopped on Ruby’s Amazon account and found Shelly a CD of the Steve Miller Band’s greatest hits and a Steve Miller Band button.

Shelly definitely got the in-joke! She loved Sarah’s gift and wanted to make sure that she was recognized for going above and beyond.

Customer Service WOW Story

“I just wanted to thank Sarah B. for sending me the Steve Miller Band CD and Button!!! We had a funny conversation the other day about a man that called in named “Steve Miller”, and she actually sent me the CD! I love the Steve Miller Band! Rubies always go above and beyond, but Sarah was really sweet, and I hope you recognize her for excellent service!”
Thank you!

Truly excellent service! Sarah certainly made a genuine connection with Shelly and that music is sure to remind her of Sarah (and Ruby) from now on.

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