WOW Story: National Lampoon’s Ruby Vacation

The holidays are a time for tradition; a time for nostalgia; and, if you’re last name happens to be Griswold, a time for some potentially groan-worthy movie references.

Ruby Receptionist, Tyler Griswold is certainly familiar with this annual phenomenon. And it seems he’s found a kindred spirit in customer, Jeff Griswold.

When Tyler remarked on their matching last names, he and Jeff began swapping stories of people connecting them to the fictional Griswold family from the National Lampoon Vacation films. To help Jeff get in the holiday spirit (and show his Griswold team pride), Tyler ordered a Clark Griswold desk ornament à la National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It was holiday season, after all!

Tyler, thanks so much for the Clark Griswold desk ornament. I love it.

We are entering that time of year when we Griswolds start to hear all of the Christmas vacation one-liners from people we meet. “Ha… no way… are you related to Rusty?! Is your dad Clark?” As Griswolds we must smile politely and feign laughter, pretending that we haven’t heard that same exact thing for the 6th time this week.

Hope this finds you well and thanks again,

At least both Tyler and Jeff have a great sense of humor about their predicament! And honestly, there are worse names they could share…

Tyler, thanks for bringing that classic Ruby charm to Jeff! You’ve proven that sometimes sharing a laugh is the perfect remedy for a case of the Griswolds.

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WOW Story: The Steve Miller or a Steve Miller?

If you’re a fan of classic rock, you’re definitely familiar with the Steve Miller Band. Or maybe you’ve just seen Happy Feet and recognized that cover of The Joker. Either way, there’s no denying that the Steve Miller Band owns a place in rock history.

Ruby Receptionist, Sarah B. definitely knows who Steve Miller is so she perked up a bit when she spoke with a caller of the same name a few weeks ago. Steve called Ruby customer Shelly, searching for estate planning services. Shelly and Sarah shared a good laugh about whether this was the Steve Miller or simply a Steve Miller.

Of course, Sarah couldn’t let this opportunity pass her by. She hopped on Ruby’s Amazon account and found Shelly a CD of the Steve Miller Band’s greatest hits and a Steve Miller Band button.

Shelly definitely got the in-joke! She loved Sarah’s gift and wanted to make sure that she was recognized for going above and beyond.

Customer Service WOW Story

“I just wanted to thank Sarah B. for sending me the Steve Miller Band CD and Button!!! We had a funny conversation the other day about a man that called in named “Steve Miller”, and she actually sent me the CD! I love the Steve Miller Band! Rubies always go above and beyond, but Sarah was really sweet, and I hope you recognize her for excellent service!”
Thank you!

Truly excellent service! Sarah certainly made a genuine connection with Shelly and that music is sure to remind her of Sarah (and Ruby) from now on.

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WOW Story: Aloha from Ruby

What’s better than going on a Hawaiian vacation? Coming back to the office to find a custom-made video waiting in your inbox.

Sometimes the perfect gift isn’t a gift at all; at least not in a traditional sense. When Associate Problem Solver, Chloe got a status update from Danielle, she knew this was much more than business as usual.

Danielle emailed to let Ruby know that she’d be heading to Hawaii for a few days and asked us to hold her calls during that time. Not a particularly unusual request, but what Chloe did next is certainly going above and beyond. Chloe marked Danielle’s return date on her calendar as a reminder. In the meantime, she wrote a personalized song for Danielle to help her ease back into life on the mainland.

When her calendar reminder popped up on Danielle’s return date, Chloe grabbed her ukulele and recorded the song for Danielle to make sure she got it at just the right time. Clearly, Danielle was impressed.

She emailed in to Ruby not once but twice to brag about Chloe’s rhyme skills, share her delight, and recognize how proud she was to work with Ruby.

“The fact that Chloe took my vacation info, executed it perfectly, and then sent me a fun video that made me smile was simply awesome. I am proud to be hers and Ruby’s partner!”

What’s more, Chloe only picked up a ukulele for the first time two years ago. Since then, she’s been making strides in learning the instrument, and has even started her own YouTube channel to share her music.

Using her own unique personality and talents to create connections? Sounds like a Ruby, alright!

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You Asked, We Listened: Introducing the New Ruby Mobile App Home Screen

At Ruby, we’re passionate about continuously delivering enhancements and new features that are important to our customers. So when we hear customer feedback, we perk up! Today we’re excited to introduce a redesigned home screen for the Ruby mobile app based on input from you, our customers. When you update to the latest version of the Ruby iOS or Android app, you’ll find exciting changes that make it easier to update your status and check your missed calls, all from the Home screen.

Ruby Receptionists Mobile AppWe heard that you want a quick and easy way to change your status at the drop of a hat. Say hello to the Hold Calls button! Tap it once to hold your calls until further notice, and receptionists will take messages or offer voicemail until we hear from you again. Tap Clear to go back to your regular call handling instructions at any time. Don’t worry, you can still include additional status details, just like before. Tap on your current status to add any details you’d like. The Hold Calls button is our first step in making status simple enough that you can change it while walking down the street.

Next, we updated the buttons for unread messages and unread voicemails. Having two buttons just created an extra step, so we combined the buttons into one. Now, one tap shows you a list of unread messages and voicemails.

And there you have it—same Ruby app, only better, all thanks to you! If you’ve never tried the Ruby app, it is available for your iPhone and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play.

Do you have an idea for a new app feature? Tweet us @callruby and let us know!

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Scary Customer Service Stats (and What to Do About Them)

Top Customer Service Statistics

Every small business owner understands the importance of treating their customers well—after all, there’d be no business without them! A recent Invoca study shows that for small business owners, the phone is a critical touchpoint. After a negative phone experience,

  • 74% of people are likely to choose another business
  • 70% are likely to complain to friends and family
  • 30% are likely to leave a bad review

Yikes! The good news: a positive phone experience is likely to turn 80% of callers into repeat customers. So how can you create those positive experiences? Here are three ways to get started today.

Make every word count.

Depending on the situation, a phone call with a customer could last 30 minutes or 30 seconds. For briefer conversations especially, word choice matters. You may only have a few syllables to show your appreciation, so lay it on thick! Speak in a friendly, inviting tone, and aim to say “thank you” at least once. Even a quick answer-and-transfer is an opportunity to brighten a caller’s day by being warm and gracious. Can you remember a time when an upbeat exchange with a grocery clerk or a smile from a stranger snapped you out of a moment of gloom? Aim for that in every customer interaction, no matter how brief.

Create a phrasing playbook.

Your company’s telephone greeting is an important first impression, so take care to craft a good one and ensure anyone who answers the phone is on board. While you’re at it, gather your phone answering crew together and talk about ways to create a consistently positive experience for callers. Whether you have a dedicated receptionist or everyone on your team pitches in to greet customers when they call, you’ll want to ensure each caller gets the same (awesome) service, and a phrasing playbook can get you there. Draft a list of words or phrases to avoid, and brainstorm alternatives. For example, Ruby’s talented remote receptionists are encouraged to stay away from dead-end statements that include “I can’t” and “I don’t know” and swap them with helpful alternatives like “I’ll be happy to look into that” and “let me find out.” Bottom line: there’s typically always something you can do to assist a caller, even if it’s not exactly what they’re looking for, so focus their attention on your willingness to help.

Be ready for that ring.

What’s the most important element of a good phone call? An answer! If you’re letting calls roll over to voicemail during your business hours, there’s no doubt you’re missing the chance to connect with customers, and likely missing opportunities to win new business. Here’s something you don’t often hear: “Wow, I really liked that recorded message—I think I’m going to spend a lot of money with this company!” Customer relationships are built on real, meaningful connections, and without a real person to pick up the phone and make those connections when customers call, you’re bound to lose out on some opportunities. So when you and your team are on the clock, ensure someone capable (and ideally excited) is on phone duty. And if you find you need a hand, your friends at Ruby are here for you! 


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WOW Story: Hometown Hello


Ruby has customers all over the continent; from New Brunswick to New Orleans and Salem, Massachusetts to Salem, Oregon. So, when Ruby receptionist Kaleigh saw Holly’s address flash across her screen on an incoming call, she was delighted to see they both hailed from West Des Moines, Iowa.

“Holly’s office is in my hometown! I know exactly where they are located! Of all of the Rubys that could have answered, it was me! Now is that meant to be or what?!”

Kaleigh ordered a bit of Iowa nostalgia along with a Portland gift to bridge the gap between their current hometowns. Holly received a beautiful vintage Iowa poster for her office and a Portland snow globe for her desk—and was definitely charmed!

She sent Kaleigh a gift in return, another Iowa relic, this one from the University of Iowa’s Hawkeyes. It seems now that she and Kaleigh have made this connection, Holly is beside herself with Iowa pride!

“You were so sweet to send a package to me. What a wonderful surprise. It’s funny, after we talked, I got an email from someone at Ruby that I thought was you. I responded back, “Go Hawks!” and she was very much confused! Haha, (but amused!) Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you for thinking of me.”

Talk about paying it forward! You just never know when a kind note, personalized gift, and meaningful connection really hits the mark. GO HAWKS!

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WOW Story: Just for the Sake of Being Nice

The universe works in mysterious ways. Have you ever had a song stuck in your head only to turn on the radio and hear that exact song? This month’s featured WOW story demonstrates the uncanny ability Rubys have to read a situation more perfectly than they even meant to.

Pearl receptionist Fletcher connected a call through to Jason. Jason had some choice words about the particular caller Fletcher had on the line. He joked that it’s difficult to step in when this caller is on a roll and he just didn’t have the hour her call would inevitably take.

Clearly Jason was busy and perhaps even a bit stressed. Fletcher knew he could help out!

He cruised over to Amazon and found just what the doctor ordered—a wacky desk toy to help Jason fidget through his next hour-long call with grace.

The timing of Fletcher’s gift could not have been better—Jason received the desk toy just as his mother was undergoing a difficult medical procedure.

Thank you. I talk to and work with quite a few people on a daily basis and they aren’t always pleasant. In the end, I think it’s really great that someone takes the time to do something nice just for that sake of being nice. Our world would be a kinder place with more thoughtful people and Fletcher should be recognized for his actions. I truly appreciate it.

Just so everyone knows, the day I received the gift from Fletcher, my mother was undergoing a procedure and so the gesture was appreciated even more and distracted me from the difficult day. It’s funny how the little things can make such a big difference. Thank you again.

Nice just for the sake of being nice…precisely! Kindness perpetuates kindness and while it might come naturally to you, it could mean the world to someone else.

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WOW Story of the Month: A Rockin’ RingBack


Who hasn’t heard a rockin’ RingBack tone every now and again? Does the unexpected musical treat make your day a little brighter? Have you ever told the person on the other end of the line how delighted you were? Ruby receptionist, Krystal recently did just that!

She was transferring a call for Mike when she was surprised by his classic rock RingBack tone. When Mike answered the line, she remarked how much she was digging his tunes. It turns out, Mike was really appreciative that someone noticed his selection. Krystal transferred the call through, and Mike went about his day.

A few days later, what should arrive in Mike’s office? A Pink Floyd album on vinyl from none other than Krystal. Given his clear musical preference, Krystal thought he might enjoy another throwback in its original form. And Krystal was totally right!

If she hadn’t taken this extra moment to mention her joy, she might have never connected with Mike, and he would be left without such a personal gift. This interaction gets right to the heart of what Ruby is all about: creating meaningful, personal, human connections.

“I just received your amazing card and fantastic PINK FLOYD album! Yes, I too love PF—great album. You are amazingly kind and sweet and thoughtful. Can’t believe you did this! THANKS!!!! Hugs…Mike”

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