4 Companies That Nailed Branding Through Storytelling

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With so many businesses and startups emerging on a regular basis, alongside those that are already established, opening your very own small business is no small leap of faith. One of the main challenges every entrepreneur faces at one point or another is what their brand is going to be and how to make it stand out from the competition.

Innovation is hard to come by in 2017, with many ideas already having been developed and redeveloped twenty times over.

The good news is that an original idea is not the only crucial factor in creating a successful business in today’s industry. In addition to the ‘what’ factor, it is also essential to recognize the ‘how’ factor. Or how you are going to provide said services or solutions.

When thinking about how your newfound business is going to provide a service similar to one that other companies are already providing, there is room to be creative and innovative. One method of creating a brand that stands out from the rest of the competition is telling the story behind your brand. Both helping people relate to your specific brand and perhaps even become loyal to solely your company.

For some inspiration to help you tell a story of your own, we have gathered 4 uniquely successful cases of companies that nailed storytelling branding through telling a story their customers can connect with.

1. Brandless –

When it comes to good storytelling, there is typically a formula that works for all topics. This will include an inciting incident, a turning point, and a climax…but to attract customers sometimes you need to think outside of the [branded] box.

This is what the new online store called ‘Brandless’ did when the company decided to launch an online convenience store where all products are priced at $3 and the “brand name” is of little consequence. In fact, the company claims that they are “not really a brand”. Their story is a promise; one that any consumer will be glad to hear. They promise to offer unrivaled quality items without the hidden fees of Brand Tax which is typically charged when purchasing goods from a national brand. This tale is crystal clear, another case of transparency winning over customers from those telling false narratives.

2. KIND Snacks –

With the ambitious and distinct mission of “making the world a little kinder”, Daniel Lubetzky founded KIND in order to bring people together. He has realized the difference between the words “Nice” and “Kind” and discovered that the “Kind” approach is the active approach to making the world a better place. The brand stands behind the KIND values, starting with treating your body right. A fact which drives their focus on providing snacks made solely of ingredients that everyone can understand and pronounce. While this is a different type of story, the mission and goals are clear and the brand is simple and clean. The core values of the brand, alongside its message, quality and design create a certain level of trust which attracts customers.

3. Shazam –

The sophisticated, complex and extremely useful technology that is Shazam was ahead of its time, and so it was difficult for them to obtain the necessary funding to launch back in 2000. This was before the market fully understood the potential of mobile services. They were able to proceed as an app for identifying music by finding investors and launching in London. By remaining true to their vision and drive for innovation they have now turned their brand name into a commonplace verb! The company has also made it possible to “Shazam” brands in order to identify them…in addition to other types of multimedia, and are looking to further expand their services by venturing into retail.

4. MatchCo –

Continuing the trend of thinking outside of the box, MatchCo is giving women a new perspective on cosmetics and self-care. As opposed to most traditional makeup companies in the beauty industry thus far, which tell women how they need to look, this recently acquired, innovative cosmetics company has taken a different approach entirely. MatchCo is empowering women everywhere to “make beauty their own” with the help of their unique and accurate digital platform. It scans the customer’s skin in order to create a customized foundation product based on their individual skin-tone.

Whether your brand tugs at the heartstrings of consumers by telling your rags-to-riches story, or if your story is your product and not your history, rest assured that storytelling is a powerful tool in the world of marketing. In fact, it can help you make or break your brand. Take control of your company’s narrative and make your brand recognizable for its vision, voice, and promise. Let the world hear, see and feel what your brand has to offer to them.

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