WOW Story: Wild Wyatt Goes West

Tarah E.

For the Ruby team, making connections with clients never ceases to be rewarding, and we love following a friendly conversation with a handwritten note or carefully chosen gift. But when our clients take the time to surprise us with a note or gift, we’re truly honored. We know workdays can be wild for the small businesses we serve, and our clients’ precious time is in high demand.

Recently, receptionist Tarah offered a call to Ruby client John M. on one of those wild days. John was at home with his son Wyatt, who was ill. As they were chatting, John referred to Wyatt as “Wild Wyatt” several times. This nickname gave Tarah an idea: Why not WOW Wyatt with a little Ruby magic?

To cheer Wyatt and send him on the road to recovery, Tarah picked out a cozy throw blanket and a copy of the perfect wild western: Fievel Goes West.

Fast forward a month to the moment when Tarah received a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to her desk. They were from none other than John M! He was so impressed with her attention and care to his son that he wanted to return the favor. The lovely bouquet was accompanied by a note from John:

Thank you for all that you do! From John and the whole South team.

P.S. Wyatt is feeling much better.

It’s not often that our clients are able to WOW us. Tarah’s gift inspired John to reach out not only to say thank you, but to perpetuate the meaningful connection she began. Congrats, Tarah!

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