5 Positive Phrases You Should Steal


Words are powerful. They can create connections or put distance between folks; they can result in appreciation or frustration. At Ruby®, we’ve found careful and positive phrasing leads to gratifying interactions that build meaningful relationships with our clients, and in the long term—loyal clients.

If you’re looking to beef up your customer service vocabulary, we’ve got our five favorite phrases for delivering exceptional experiences.

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Simply saying, “okay” or “sure,” to a request is bland. Convey enthusiasm and energy by dressing up your affirmations so it’s clear you’re excited to honor your customer’s request! Positive language creates meaningful connections with clients as you demonstrate how deeply you care for them and their needs.

Our experience

On the flip side, sometimes we find it’s best to say no to a customer request. What if they are asking for something outside of the scope of the service you offer? Perhaps they’re asking to implement something you can do, however, you know from experience it isn’t the best way to go. The above phrase is a great way to reference your experience without discounting their own or making them feel silly about their request. It provides insight into the reasoning behind your no so that clients truly understand why something won’t work well. To really WOW your client, immediately segue into the options that do work so you can collaborate together toward a solution.

Follow up

Have you ever needed to follow up with one of your clients for extra information? If so, has your client ever said something like, “I’ll let you know when I have it,” with no clear timeframe? The key to making follow ups a breeze is to be upfront about your timeline so expectations are clearly set for everyone. This phrase provides you with a solid date to reach out, and your client knows they can rely on your doing what you say you will if they haven’t quite gotten around to giving you a ring. Everyone is busy—if you can set the stage so your clients feel comfortable relying on you to help them get things done, they’ll surely appreciate it!

Best person

Picture it—you’ve answered a call and a current customer dives into their billing questions the moment you greet them. What your customer doesn’t realize is you’re a sales representative and not the company billing specialist. Have no fear! The above phrase allows you to defer to the right person politely—saving your customer time better spent chatting with the person who can help.

Positive phrasing

You may find yourself offering a customer further assistance at the end of a call or email exchange. To make this offer impactful, be expressive! Warm and welcoming language like the phrases noted above demonstrates your genuine sincerity in wanting to help. You care for your customers, and they’ll be inspired to reach back out to you because they know it.

For even more positive phrasing tips, be sure to check out our YouTube playlist, “Paging Dr. Ruby.” This video series is dedicated to sharing tips on improving communication and making personal connections.

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