Three Ways to Warm Up Your Emails to Build Personal Connections

Warm Up Your Email

When it comes to creating connections, nothing beats a friendly face-to-face conversation. But with the right touches, email can be a solid connection-maker as well. Before you click “Send,” warm up your next email with these three elements:

A greeting and closing. You wouldn’t begin a conversation without a Hello, right? Showing the same courtesy in your email can make a big impact on your tone. Greetings and closings don’t have to be anything revolutionary — the basics do the job perfectly! Hi (Name) is always a perfect start, Warm regards and All my best are great closings, and there are countless other excellent choices, depending on how formal you’d like to be. Don’t skip a greeting if you’re unsure of your email recipient’s name — titles are fine, too, as in Dear Hiring Manager.

Something personal. If you know your recipient, refer to your last interaction or ask a personal question:

I had a wonderful time at lunch last week!

How is your daughter enjoying college?

If you’re not as familiar with your recipient, slip in a well wish:

I hope your Monday is going well!

Better yet, do a bit of research to learn something about a less-than-familiar recipient, and reference an interesting tidbit:

Congratulations on your recent award!

I enjoyed your blog post about time management.

It may deviate from the topic of your email, but a personal question or comment shows you care about the person you’re addressing.

A show of gratitude. Everyone’s time is important, so show your recipient that you’re thankful they’re taking the time to read your email. No one tires of the words Thank you!

Wondering how to add all of these elements to a short email? Check out this before and after! Here’s our terse, not-so-friendly before:

Will you look at this and tell me what you think?

And our lovely little after:

Hi Karen,

I hope you’re having a nice afternoon! When you have a minute, would you please take a look at the attached document and let me know what you think of it? I really appreciate your feedback!

All my best,


These two are a world apart! Warming up your email is easy, and adding a few friendly words can help you create great impressions and positive connections.

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