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Virtual receptionist Taryn
Taryn C.

Everything we do at Ruby is a combination of great people and solid processes. We hire the best and the brightest, and then we give them cutting-edge tools and training so that they can succeed. Ruby University is our top-notch, ongoing virtual receptionist training program where receptionists learn not only how to connect calls and take messages but also proper phrasing and etiquette so that they can make the most out of interactions.

What’s a phone answering technique that you’ve learned at Ruby that may have surprised you?

I was surprised by how effectively we’re able to calm frustrated callers. There’s a whole section of training on what to do when a caller is upset: we’ll listen carefully to them, restate what they’ve said, confirming we’ve heard them, and sympathize with them. We’ll also them know that we’ll relay the situation and urgency to the client, and it really allows them to feel like you are on their side. And when you let them know that you will do everything you can to make sure that they are taken care of, it can really make a difference.

Plus, it helps our clients be better informed when they take the call or receive the message. Ruby has a very thorough process for caring for callers who are having a rough day, and it feels good to be able to help!

I second this! We really do want to help whenever possible, and sometimes simply being able to comfort someone who’s going through a rough time can be incredibly rewarding!

Want to learn more about our techniques? Check out our Training Writer Phoebe Osborn’s blog post entitled Receptionist Etiquette Tip: 3 Steps to Turn a Tough Call Around!

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