Ruby’s WOW Story of the Month: Suprise! A Puppy!

It’s time again for another installment of Ruby’s WOW Story of the Month! Ruby is always striving to be the best virtual receptionist service out there, and we know that every interaction we have is a chance to prove it to our clients and callers if we just listen for the right moment. This particular story comes us from our Client Services team — namely, Ruby Problem Solver & Happiness Maker and fellow blogger, Kendra Neal!

When a new client signs up with Ruby, we take a little time to get to know them and their needs with a brief chat before we get the account up and running. Last week, Kendra was talking with Tim Miles, a new client. At the end of their chat, Kendra said, “You are all set, is there anything else we can do for you today, Tim?” and Tim joked, “How about a puppy?!”

Well of course Kendra knew she HAD to send him a puppy! She ran to the store and picked up this fluffy little guy and sent him on his way to make Tim’s request come true.

A photo of the stuffed animal puppy
The puppy that Kendra sent to Tim — adorably named “Ruff” by his two-year-old
Tim was delighted, and he even wrote a blog post about it to kick off his series about the art of gift giving on his blog. Often it is the smallest detail in your interactions that can be turned into a WOW and create the foundation for some fabulous connections!
Why we love this story: We got to make Tim’s day, which in turn made ours, and as an extra bonus, we found out about his eBook: “Your Customer Likes This: Shareworthy Customer Service.” If you’re looking to provide WOW-worthy customer service, we highly recommend it!

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