Receptionist Careers at Ruby

What’s the role?

As virtual receptionists, we may answer 250+ calls a day, but our impact is so much more. We type fast, work hard, have fun, and make meaningful connections that help our customers grow! We come to work every day ready to fight the good fight against impersonal service and automated voice systems. We look for every opportunity to make others feel taken care of and heard.

How Receptionists Deliver on our Mission

See Ruby in action. Hear the story first hand from long-time customer Jana Lombardi and see the difference Rubys make.

Customers love Ruby’s service because:

  • We make great first impressions
  • We establish meaningful relationships so callers feel appreciated
  • We take the busywork off their plate

Get to Know Ruby's Receptionist Centers

  • Being the support and encouragement behind a receptionist’s success is the most rewarding part of my job. When they find inspiration, pride and passion for delivering our service on each and every call, I know that we’ve helped make the world a better place!

    —Kria Gomz, Pearl Receptionist Services Cultivator

  • “Ruby has been a launching pad for tremendous personal and professional growth for me since day one.  I have gained so much insight on my strengths and opportunities and I feel supported by my management team and fellow Ruby’s. The investment that Ruby has made in me inspires me to reach my true potential and in turn, make my mark within Ruby!”

    —Meagen Christopher, Beaverton Receptionist

Apply Today

Position Title Location
Virtual Receptionist Kansas CityKansas City River Market
Virtual Receptionist: START TIME: 6:00 AM- 9:30 AMBeaverton Receptionist Center

Growing as a Receptionist

At Ruby we have some big dreams. We don’t just settle for fine, we enable each other to shoot for the stars—personally and professionally.

Training & Development

At Ruby, we make training a priority. Every receptionist goes through a three-week long initial receptionist training program, can participate in master classes for ongoing development, and has opportunities to grow in their role with advanced responsibilities.

Cultivator (the Ruby term for manager) Support

Personal and professional growth is vital to every Ruby. Frequent one-on-one meetings with Cultivators, goal setting to support performance and growth, as well as team meetings and celebrations are all part of Ruby culture.

People Powered Culture

Ruby culture offers countless ways to get involved. Each Ruby has the opportunity to deck out their workspace and share their voice through feedback tools and employee surveys. Also, team members start each year with culture funds they can use to start a club, group, or movement.

Perks of being a Ruby

Ruby WOW Station

Every day we practice WOWism in our interactions with our customers, callers, and each other! These surprises can be anything from a personalized notecard to a cheerful video message or small gift from our Ruby WOW Station. We empower our receptionists with the autonomy to make personal and WOW-worthy connections.

Core Value in Action Awards

At Ruby, we live and breathe our core values, and we love to celebrate. We recognize our employees and their accomplishments at every opportunity. Each quarter our Core Value in Action awards celebrate Ruby from all departments for their extraordinary embodiment of our values. These awards and the stories behind them inspire us and remind us of the impact Rubys have on a daily basis.

Discover Ruby's Receptionist Centers

The Lovejoy, Portland

1331 NW Lovejoy St #875, Portland, OR 97209
  • Ruby library and hangout space
  • Daily onsite fitness classes
  • Employee-run art displays
  • Ping-pong and shuffleboard
  • Photobooth
  • Locally sourced coffee bar
  • Bike lockers

Beaverton, OR

14795 SW Murray Scholls Dr #201, Beaverton, OR 97007
  • Ruby library and hangout space
  • Ms. Pac Man
  • Daily onsite fitness classes
  • Outdoor patio with lounge furniture and fire pit
  • Photobooth
  • Locally sourced coffee bar
  • Luxury bathrooms

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