Helping contractors build trust. One call at a time.

Building trust with project owners from the first interaction is critical to earning their business—which is why we do more than simply answering the phone. Ruby®’s remote receptionists are dedicated to providing personal connections with your callers and building trust with every call. Ruby will answer all your calls live in English or Spanish, transfer only the calls you want to receive, take messages, address common questions, and more—just like an in-house receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, save $75 on your first month’s invoice when you use promo code PR75! Want to learn more before getting started? Give us a call at 855-896-4769!

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Rise above the competition.

When a potential client is working their way down a list of contractors, a missed call could mean a missed job opportunity. Reaching a real, caring human prepared to go above and beyond not only helps capture business—it sets you apart.

Save money with a better answering service

Improve your bottom line.

Ruby gives you the peace of mind to step away from the phone and focus on activities that require your attention, such as producing quotes or checking on job progress—at a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist.

Delegate the busy work.

In addition to taking calls, we’re happy to make return calls on your behalf to confirm appointments with project owners, collect additional information, and more. Think of us as your productivity team!

Service that fits your schedule.

A contractor doesn’t always work a 9-5 schedule, and you can’t always be at the phone when it rings. Ruby answers your calls live 7 days a week—16 hours M-F, and 12 hours a day on weekends—empowering you to focus on the job at hand.

Stay informed on the go.

With real-time updates and notifications, you can stay on top of your calls wherever you are. All your messages and voicemails are at your fingertips through the Ruby mobile app and can be delivered to you via notifications, text and/or email.

Call-handling tailored for you.

Ruby’s proprietary software empowers us to provide you with the service you need. You can select when we answer, the types of calls you’d like connected versus sent to voicemail, who from your business receives certain types of calls, and more!

Experience Ruby

Want to experience Ruby for yourself? By giving us just a little information, you can hear first-hand how our real, live receptionists make a great impression for your business—no purchase necessary.

All you have to do to test our services is:

  1. Set up a sample greeting
  2. We’ll email you a temporary number to call
  3. Make as many test calls as you’d like within a one-hour window

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Save $75 with promo code PR75!

Deliver great impressions that delight your English and Spanish-speaking callers and grow your business with Ruby! And don’t forget, you can save $75 off your first full-month’s invoice with promo code PR75!

7,000+Small business across the U.S. rely on Ruby.

  1. Brian Workman iconBrian Workman
  2. Ray DiYanni iconRay DiYanni
  3. Bill Vogel iconBill Vogel
  4. Derek Zahler iconDerek Zahler

“We are genuinely happy with all aspects of working with Ruby Receptionists! The extended hours helps us to present a professional image to our customer base when outside of our normal business hours, even weekends.”

—Brian Workman, Blind Corners & Curves

Brian Workman, Ruby Receptionists Testimonial

“We have been very happy using Ruby services. They are been very professional to work with, and always are extremely helpful when we need to make adjustments. I wouldn’t recommend any other virtual receptionist service other then Ruby!..”

—Ray DiYanni, DiYanni Homes

Virtual Receptionist Service for Contractors

“Ruby’s fantastic receptionists are a key part of my commercial real estate team. They efficiently handle my inbound calls with an awesome combination of professionalism and spunk. With Ruby on my side, I can be sure that I’ll never miss an opportunity.”

—Bill Vogel, Third Coast Commercial Real Estate

Realty Client Bill Vogel, Third Coast Commericial Real Estate - Ruby Receptionists

“Ruby has greatly increased the efficiency of our business. Maintaining a profession, customer-facing phone reception and connectivity is a key to our success – Ruby has made that facet of our business amazing. Having well demonstrated their professionalism and customer service, I cannot imagine running my business without them.”

—Derek Zahler, Colorado Pipeline Rehabilitation

Derek Zahler
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