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Ruby® is Where Human Connections Power Small Business Growth

At Ruby, we are obsessively passionate about helping small businesses grow. We provide a personalized, innovative service backed by a comprehensive technology platform that turns callers and online visitors into clients by delivering exceptional experiences.

Ruby’s business model is built around a culture of caring—for its employees, its customers, and their customers—creating meaningful connections and impactful experiences that win trust and build loyalty. Today, ten thousand small businesses in different markets across the country—from attorneys to roofers to marketing firms to non-profits and everything in between— trust Ruby to be the frontline of their business.

The Ruby Story

Ruby was founded in 2003 by Jill Nelson, a former receptionist, who believed that creating meaningful human connections in our technology-focused world would build trust, foster customer loyalty, and help our customers win new business. Ruby’s boot-strapped humble beginnings shape every aspect of how we run our business and deliver our services. It’s having come from being a small business that helps us to understand what the needs of our small business customers are.

What was once a small, two-employee business answering phones in a tiny studio has flourished into what Ruby is today—a company where all Ruby employees care not only about the growth of our small business customers but are inspired by the businesses we serve and share in the joy of their success.

Experience the Ruby Ripple Effect

At Ruby, we are committed to the idea that the small actions we take and the connections we make everyday compound to make a huge difference. We come to work every day excited by the opportunity to make someone’s day, to make someone feel heard, and to give our customers more freedom to focus on their business. And as they have more time to realize their vision, it enables them to grow. When small businesses thrive, our communities are stronger, there are more resources available, more community leadership, and more opportunities for all.  It’s what we call the Ruby Ripple Effect.

Our Values are at the Heart of Everything We Do

We make a promise to our customers to view every call and online chat as an opportunity to create an exceptional customer experience that helps them win business. Our five core values are how we deliver on that promise. Launched in 2009 during one of the largest economic downturns in recent history, this set of values changed Ruby forever.


Foster Happiness

We’re a happy bunch, and we thrive on making others happy. Any interaction, however brief, is a chance to make a positive impression for our customers, so we put care into each detail, from the words we choose to our tone of voice. We believe happiness has a ripple effect: treat people with kindness, and they’re likely to share that kindness.

Practice WOWism

We’re about more than answering phones and chats—we’re about creating amazing experiences. We take every opportunity to anticipate needs and provide solutions before we’re asked. Nothing gives us a bigger kick than surprising and delighting our customers and their callers. We consider “fine” a four-letter word—our goal is “WOW!”

Create Community

When our customers win, we win. We understand what an honor it is for customers to trust us to represent their business, and we’re privileged to create positive first impressions with their callers and online site visitors. We enjoy sharing our culture with customers, as well as hearing about their successes. Our customers view us as part of their team, and we view them as part of ours. We’re in this together.


We believe smart technology has the power to enrich personal connections, therefore improving and refining our service is a constant pursuit. If there’s a way to better the lives of our customers and help their businesses prosper, we’ll find it. Our innovation is fueled by the ideas, dreams, and goals of everyone on our team—customers and coworkers alike.


Change inspires us, and learning is a lifelong passion. We adapt, transform, and are energized by what lies ahead for our customers and ourselves. We’re risk-takers at heart, and each decision makes us wiser. In every choice we make, we’re driven by a desire to help our customers, callers, and coworkers flourish.

A Founder-Led, Diverse Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings together small business expertise, years of experience in delivering operational excellence, and backgrounds in technology that drive not only what we do but how we do it. Led by Founder Jill Nelson, we work together to foster a vibrant culture and create meaningful growth for our customers.

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The Ruby Timeline

Anyone can have a conversation. But dazzling callers and site visitors? That’s where we shine. We’ve made it our business to positively affect the lives of each person we interact with since day one. There have been lots of great memories made along the way, and here are a few of our favorites.















Ruby is born! With an SBA loan and $17K from her 401K, Jill Nelson founds Ruby (originally named Worksource Inc.) with a vision to help small businesses grow through personal connections. Leveraging her first-hand experience as a receptionist, Jill opens a small office and gets to work.

Inspired by the movie “Down with Love,’ Jill works with Sockeye, a Portland-based creative agency, to evolve the company’s brand. Sockeye bestows us with a more fitting name: Ruby Receptionists. The cheery new branding reflects our bright, friendly receptionists—the reason so many love what we do.

Our Customer Happiness department is created, providing customers with their own specialized team to customize and adapt Ruby service to their needs. Ruby also implements employee surveys to ensure both our customers and those serving them feel valued!

Facing uncertainty in the midst of the great stock market crash, Ruby doubles down on supporting customer-centricity, launching a personalized outreach “WOWism”campaign. That same year, Ruby earns the #13 spot on the Portland Business Journal’s “100 Fastest Growing Companies in Oregon” and grows 30% by 2009.

Taking a lesson from one of Jill’s favorite books, “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits,” Ruby institutes our Core Values—Foster Happiness, Create Community, Innovate, and Practice WOWism are behind every action at Ruby! Grow will complete the set in 2012.

Oregon Business magazine names Ruby the #2 “Best Medium-sized Company to Work for in Oregon.” We also move into larger quarters in the LEED-certified Lovejoy Building, a milestone in the company’s growth, and create our proprietary Ruby OS software (ROS), allowing us to provide exceptional service to more callers.

Ruby is awarded the #1 “Best Small Company to Work for in the U.S.” by FORTUNE Magazine and Great Place to Work Institute, in part as a result of our emphasis on incenting, inspiring, and empowering employees to create a Ruby Ripple Effect

Ruby achieves its 5-year vision of 10X growth, with a strong plan, clear metrics, and an aligned team—opening a second location in Beaverton, Oregon.

After more than a year of scoping and programming, Ruby’s proprietary Beautifully Engineered Voicemail platform, or BEV, is launched. BEV offers clients unified messaging notifications, and greater accessibility through both our mobile app and online. That same year, Ruby takes on an investor with UpData.

Rebuilt from the ground up, our redesigned mobile app debuts! The app includes expanded features, improved call management, and an updated design to provide a consistent and delightful experience. With the added expertise of investment partners, Ruby reaches a new level in our business.

Ruby continues its tremendous growth, moving its headquarters to a third office in the heart of Downtown Portland, as well as expanding its legendary service to include answering for Spanish-speaking callers and extended hours.

Ruby is named one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces, recognized for its vibrant culture, deep employee engagement, and stellar benefits.

Ruby makes the Portland Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list for a record-breaking 11 years! Ruby also acquires our first company, ProfessionalChats, adding 24/7 live, US-based online chat services to our capabilities.

Ruby formalizes partnership agreements with Telarus and Nextiva, in its first foray into channel agreements, offering more small business customers the opportunity to grow their businesses through meaningful connections.

Awards and Recognition

Ruby has been named as a FORTUNE magazine Best Small Company to Work for in the U.S., one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces, and one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon, and is the driving force behind Ruby’s 11-year run as one of one of Oregon’s fastest-growing private companies–more than any other company in the state’s history.

2007 - 2018

Fastest-Growing Private 100 Companies

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Top 10 Oregon Most Admired Companies, Across All Industries

Portland Business Journal

2017 - 2018

Top 5 in Oregon’s Most Admired Companies, Technology & Technology Manufacturing

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2010 - 2013

100 Best Green Companies in Oregon

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Growth Stage Company Award

Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

2016 - 2018

Top 25 in Oregon’s Most Admired Companies, Across All Industries

Portland Business Journal

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