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Every conversation with your clients is a touchpoint, an opportunity to win loyalty. What if you could win over those clients with just a few magic words?

In this ebook we’ll help you set your business up for success from the very first “hello!” and we’ll show you how to make every word count!

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100% live phone answering service

Why the Phone Call Matters

Get the data behind your phone as a touchpoint!

A phone number for your business

How to Maximize Your Word Choice

Discover how to choose and use your words to delight your callers.

Outbound calling & call answering

What Not to Say

Discover three phrases you should avoid, and how to do it!

8,000+ small business across the U.S. know the value of using their words!

  • “Engaging Ruby was one of the smartest things I did when I opened my own firm more than two years ago. Ruby allows my office to focus on our work, while knowing all our calls will be answered by a friendly, live human. Callers uniformly praise me for how warm and competent my receptionist is. When I admit that we use Ruby, they often ask for details. I am happy to share the information: I think using Ruby is a key to my firm’s success.”

    —Michael Downey, Downey Law Group, LLC

  • “What I enjoy most about Ruby Receptionists is their happy attitude. You can hear the smile in their voices. Really. And clients love that. Combine that with the wonderful phone app that lets me update my status and get my messages anywhere, and you have one heckuva great company.”

    —Jerry Simoneaux, Simoneaux and Watso

    Jerry Simoneaux, Simoneaux and Watson - Ruby Receptionists
  • “I love Ruby! They make me look good, keep costs in check, and always respond promptly. You just cannot replace the value of a live, professional person to answer your calls, especially if you’re in a high-touch service business, and with Ruby, you don’t have to.”

    —Frank Molinar, Molinar and Co Financial Advocates

    Frank Molinar, Molinar and Co Financial Advocates - Ruby Receptionists
  • “Ruby has been a life-saver (and company-saver) for me. In the field I’m in, if you don’t answer the phone, the client calls the next person on their list. Ruby ensures my clients and future clients talk to a live person and Ruby gives the message to me immediately so I can call them as soon as I’m free. I’m a very satisfied customer!”

    —Sheila Rambeck, Rambeck Law

    Sheila Rambeck, Rambeck Law - Ruby Receptionists
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