Ruby Receptionists and Nextiva

We’re proud to announce Ruby Receptionists’ partnership with Nextiva!

With Ruby and Nextiva, you can now seamlessly turn your Ruby service on and off with just the touch of a button on your pre-programmed Nextiva business phone. This integration empowers small businesses to stay flexible, scale your call answering as your call volume grows, and treat every phone call as an opportunity to land more business.


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Ruby Partners with Nextiva to Deliver Integrated Phone and Receptionist Service Solution

Improve productivity with an answering service

Build trust. 
Gain clients.

The partnership delivers a seamlessly integrated, one-of-a-kind communications solution powered by Nextiva’s world-class business phone system and backed by Ruby’s friendly and personal receptionist service, currently serving more than 10,000 customers across the U.S.

A phone number for your business

Create the perfect impression, 
even if you’re busy.

Don’t lose another call to voicemail. With just the click of a button on your Nextiva phone, you can have Ruby answer or answer your calls yourself. Ruby can even pick up if you don’t answer, guaranteeing your callers are greeted by a friendly voice!

Small business customer service

Be flexible. 
Work the way you want.

With Ruby + Nextiva your business has a powerful tool to provide your callers a professional, friendly experience every time, treating every phone call as an opportunity to land more business and delight more customers.

Quality customer service is just a tap away.

We provide your callers with excellent customer-service experiences every day. The kind of customer service that turns callers into long-term loyal customers.

  • Set up a custom greeting
  • Make calls from your personal or business phone number
  • Tailor your call-handling instructions to your changing needs
  • And let our friendly, live, receptionists delight your callers!


Thousands of small businesses in North America rely on Ruby
to provide great customer service

  • “Ruby’s fantastic receptionists are a key part of my commercial real estate team. They efficiently handle my inbound calls with an awesome combination of professionalism and spunk. With Ruby on my side, I can be sure that I’ll never miss an opportunity.”

    —Bill Vogel, Third Coast Commercial Real Estate

    Realty Client Bill Vogel, Third Coast Commericial Real Estate - Ruby Receptionists
  • “Our investment in Ruby has been worth every penny. It’s impossible to put a price on how well our callers are received, how impressive it makes us sound, and how much time and hassle this takes off of our plates. Ruby saves everyone on our team hours per month, but more importantly it helps reinforce our reputation and brand, and helps us win new business.”

    —Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing Inc

    Marketing Client, Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing, Inc - Ruby Receptionists
  • “Ruby brings extraordinary value and efficiency to our practice. When our clients call, a super nice person – not a machine – answers the phone and is able to connect that client to us no matter where we are. Ruby works 13 hours a day during the week, never gets sick, never takes a day off, never complains, and can handle as much call volume as you can throw at her for a price you just have to see to believe.”

    —Bob Pedrick, Chartered Advisory Group

    Financial/ Insurance Client, Bob Pedrick, Chartered Advisory Group - Ruby Receptionists
  • “I love having Ruby! My clients never get voicemail during work hours and calls are always answered professionally. Getting emails of who called right away is super convenient and screening out the sales calls saves a huge amount of time!”

    —Linda A. Kerns, The Law Offices of Linda A. Kerns, LLC

    Legal Client Linda Kerns, The Law Office of Linda Kerns

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