Our friends over at Red-Carpet Learning shared 5 customer service lessons from the past that can help your business stand out from the crowd and the competition! We must admit our favorite is number 4 – answer the phone!  For more customer service tips, read our suggestions for creating WOW-worthy experiences!

Setting Up Your Business for Chapter 2

Are you a business owner, contemplating your next chapter? Tune into Ryan Tansom’s, “Life After Business” podcast and hear first hand how Ruby’s CEO, Jill Nelson, learned what buyers are looking for in a business acquisition, and what gives a company value. Jill’s story is a perfect example of how to do it right and go to market on your own terms.

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Ruby + Nextiva Partnership

The Ruby+Nextiva partnership provides an integrated solution that allows customers to seamlessly turn their Ruby service on and off with just the touch of a button on their pre-programmed Nextiva business phone! This helps ensure a friendly Ruby or their in-house staff always greets their incoming callers. But wait, there’s more! Based on a customer’s personalized instructions, their callers can be transferred to the appropriate team member, or can be sent directly to Nextiva voicemail!

Gallup’s State Workforce

Still wondering if a focus on employee engagement is worth all the fuss? According to Gallup’s 2018 State of the Global Workforce report, “a highly engaged workforce leads to 17 percent higher productivity and 21 percent higher profitability.” Read more to see how leading companies like JP Morgan, Netflix, and Ruby Receptionists empower employees to reach and exceed growth goals.

Telarus & Ruby: Serving the Small Business Market

Ruby is always seeking ways to connect with the small businesses we aim to serve. Recently, we partnered with Telarus to leverage its 4,000 technology and service brokers and bring Ruby’s legendary receptionist and chat services to their small business clients. Ruby’s solution portfolio uniquely meets the needs of customers who value a high-touch experience and want to connect with businesses, anytime and anywhere.

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Growing Your Business While Growing as an Entrepreneur

Are you the owner of a small business that is challenged with how your role changes as your business grows? In this episode of John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, Jill Nelson shares how she started Ruby, and how her leadership role has evolved as the business has gone from a startup to a growing and thriving organization.


ProfessionalChats on Nightly Business Report


Want to learn more about the benefits of a managed online chat service? Tune in to this Nightly Business Report feature on newly acquired ProfessionalChats!


Extra! Extra! Ruby acquires ProfessionalChats!

If you are a small business owner and haven’t explored adding chat to your website – now is the time! Ruby acquired online chat service provider, ProfessionalChats, and soon Ruby customers will be able to add online chat to their website, Facebook, and Google listing, all powered by the same friendly and personal Ruby service customers have come to rely on.

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Ruby Receptionists Acquires ProfessionalChats!

In our ever-changing world, how people interact with businesses has evolved, and higher levels of convenience and customer service are expected. Customers are looking to engage with companies anytime and anywhere. To expand on our mission of providing real, human connections in an increasingly technology-focused, virtual world, Ruby Receptionists has recently acquired ProfessionalChats. We are so excited about the opportunity to extend our personalized, friendly service to online chat!

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Katharine Nester Talks Customer Experience in Forbes

As a small business owner, you know customer service is king. But as you attempt to juggle all it takes to keep your business running, your customer experience may suffer every once in a while. Lucky for you, Ruby’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Katharine Nester, recently shared three easy ways to deliver the service your customers deserve while managing the rest of your biz. Her tips are sure to help you build trust, improve your brand reputation, and win business! 

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