Without even glancing at our name tags, folks will come up to us at events and ask, “Are you with Ruby?!” It’s a quality that sticks with you, even when you’re not on the clock. In today’s post, our team tries to put the feeling into words!

You know you’re a Ruby when…

…you wish people a good day as often as possible and make eye contact, smile, and easily strike up conversations. — Annie, virtual receptionist

…you say “May I” in everyday conversation and “One moment please” when a friend asks you to do something. — Domonique, virtual receptionist

…you smile so much that multiple people on the bus ride home have actually asked you, “Why are you smiling so much?” — Michael Boardman, Level 10 Desktop Wizard

…you’ve overheard this sparkling conversation outside the Ruby office more than once:

Random person: Hey, can you tell me how to get to Safeway?

Receptionist: Absolutely! If you take a left at the corner, it will be right at the end of the block!

Random person: Thanks!

Receptionist: You’re welcome! Have a great day!

— Stephanie S., Receptionist Team Captain

…you send an email to a family friend visiting your old college town with a detailed list of where to visit, eat, and shop with hyperlinks to each place. Then, you call your old boss at a restaurant you recommended to ask him to take care of them when they come in. — Ashley Fisher, Sales Associate

…words like “lovely!” are now part of your everyday vocabulary. — Stephanie Christ, Problem Solver & Happiness Maker

…you see confused customers and jump in to answer their questions at a store you don’t even work at! — Heather Q, System Analyst

…you answer to “Ruby” as if it were your own name!