Ruby Receptionists Company Culture

You know you’re a Ruby when…you need more than one blog post to share all of the wonderful characteristics that make a Ruby!

You know you’re a Ruby when…

…you have a nice-off competition. The Ruby IT Department treated the rest of the staff to an Edible Arrangement, so virtual receptionists Erin and Sara-Lee repaid them with a TARDIS full of cookies and declared a “Nice War!”

…you’re having a bad day and think to yourself, “It’ll be OK once I get to work!” — Mercedes Salles, Executive Assistant

…you notice that someone looks lost and walk them to the nearest streetcar stop (turns out she was visiting Portland from Georgia!). — Whitney L., virtual receptionist

…you no longer end sentences with prepositions and have sparkling grammar. — Ashley Hampton, Director of Client Services

…you always say “Please” and “Thank you!” — Lauren O’Neill, Sales Associate

…you ask questions like, “Whose bag of pink feathers is this?” and “Who knows how to draw rainbows really well?” and you get real answers! — Claire LaRocca, Office Champion

…you miss Ruby on the weekends. — Rachel Ross, Billing Specialist

or, as Problem Solver & Happiness Maker Kate Carroll put it:

Pessimist: Glass is half empty.
Optimist: Glass is half full.
Ruby: Would you like to share my juice with me? It’s delicious!