Space Kitten Pizza Party
Rubys on a very special, celestial-cat-themed Not-So-Casual Friday

If you’ve visited our offices or have checked out our Facebook page, you might get the feeling that Ruby is…different. We have a unique way of doing things, fostering happiness and creating meaningful connections, while occasionally wearing a furry costume or zombie makeup. So what makes someone a “Ruby”? I asked our team that very question; here’s what they had to say!

You know you’re a Ruby when…

…you say “gladly,” “certainly,” and “I’m happy to…” outside of work on a daily basis. — Michelle H., virtual receptionist

…you are encouraged to go out of your way to make someone’s day better. — Sarah B., virtual receptionist

…someone walks around with a suitcase full of wigs and you don’t bat an eye. — Thais L., Ambassador of WOWism

…you are delighted to run into coworkers outside of work! — Holly Happenstance, Star Service and Receptionist Cultivator

…your callers tell you that you made their day! —  Evelyn S., virtual receptionist

…you are making phone calls after work and you almost say, “Hi this is Tiffany with Ruby” when someone answers — Tiffany N., virtual receptionist

…you step off the elevator on the 8th floor and hit the down button to send it back to the first floor. It’s the best feeling to get to work and have an elevator there waiting for you! — Michael Boardman, Level 10 Desktop Wizard

…you use “just FYI” regularly in texts to friends, without even noticing… — Audrey C., virtual receptionist

…you are eager and/or excited to help do dishes while the “Office Champion” is out of the office for the day. — Brittany Marten, Sales Associate

…you get excited by new and interesting challenges because it means you have an opportunity to grow! — Kendra Neal, Director of Client Happiness

…you find yourself thinking, ”What would Ruby do?” — Whitney Martin, Events Coordinator

…it takes a half hour to explain how amazing your place of work is because you have WAY too many things to gush about! — Caitlin W., virtual receptionist