Customer Service Success Story

Ruby customer, Michael was in Portland and popped by Ruby’s HQ office to say hello. Past sales associate, Stephanie was the one that signed Michael up, so she made sure to stop by and introduce herself during his visit. Stephanie had barely finished shaking his hand when Michael began raving about his experience with Ruby.

He told Stephanie his favorite Ruby story, and it goes a little something like this:

On a pretty typical day in 2015, Michael answered a call from Ruby and chatted a bit with the receptionist, Amber. However, what was not so typical about that day was that Michael had been having a pretty tough time personally.

On top of that, he just heard that one of his favorite musical artists (Scott Weiland from the band Stone Temple Pilots) had passed away. He mentioned this to Amber, who it turns out, was also mourning Scott’s passing. She commiserated with Michael and followed up with him by sending him one of STP’s CDs and a kind note of support.

Fast forward to a year later when Michael is standing in the Ruby office telling Stephanie that he was completely blown away by Amber’s surprise gift. He had been truly upset about Scott’s passing, especially on top of his personal struggles. He told Stephanie that Amber’s gift reminded him that everything wasn’t so bad and this had really meant so much to him at the time. He was so moved remembering this connection that he was nearly brought to tears when relaying the story, a year after the fact.

Yet, the huge impact this sweet connection had on Michael is just the tip of the iceberg. Amber’s thoughtfulness made some huge ripples throughout Michael’s community over the last year. Michael said that he tells this same story to everyone he meets—he couldn’t even count the number of people who had heard about Amber, her gift, the connection…and Ruby.

This one simple act of kindness and human connection lifted the spirits of someone having a difficult time and has gained a Ruby advocate for life.