Cooking with Ruby

Rubys love to bond over food! Now all of our beloved Ruby recipes are compiled in one stylish cookbook.

The idea for Cooking with Ruby was first born over three years ago by Beaverton receptionist, Venis F. After years of planning, designing, gathering our favorite recipes, and Venis’ tireless pursuit of this ultimate dream, Cooking with Ruby is a reality!

The book includes over 100 Ruby favorite recipes. And Rubys are already sharing the cookbook and whipping up some magic with our customers. In fact, Customer Happiness team member, Gabby G. had been waiting for this book for some time.

Gabby connected with Ruby customer Gail way back in August of 2016. Gail sent Ruby some brown sugar chocolate chip cookies she made from an old family recipe. Gabby loved the cookies and sent back a thank you card complete with a Ruby photobooth pic of her enjoying the homemade treat! Gail then made sure to send Gabby the recipe, mentioning that she’s from a large Italian family that loves to cook.

Gabby knew that a Ruby cookbook was in the works and has been waiting patiently since the summer to send Gail her own copy. The time finally came, and Gail is in love! She’s even ready to send back a compilation of over 250 of her family’s favorite recipes. Talk about creating community!

OMG! Thank you sooooooooooo much for the cookbook. Totally unexpected—but will be used and treasured. My coworkers already are making copies of the recipes. When I get my Family Cookbook CD back from my coworker, I will send you a copy for you and the staff to use. Think you will enjoy it. Thank you again!