WOW-worthy Stormtrooper
Photo courtesy of Metal Toad Media

Now, staring down the barrel of a stormtrooper’s blaster isn’t usually a good surprise (even if they always miss!). But for one of our clients, it was a WOW-worthy treat — all thanks to virtual receptionist Team Captain Desi!

Recently, Desi took a call for Metal Toad Media, a digital strategy agency located in Ruby’s hometown of Portland, Oregon. The caller asked for someone who wasn’t listed in the account, so she got in touch with someone else at the company who assisted the caller from there. At any other answering service, the interaction probably would’ve ended there and been forgotten. But not for Desi!

After the call, she looked at Metal Toad’s website and found the gentleman in question in the “About” section and sent the info to Ruby’s Client Services team so that they could follow up and offer to add him to the account. While Desi was looking at their site, she noticed a familiar, scruffy-looking face: Han Solo! Cardboard Han Solo inspires the Metal Toad crew with pearls of wisdom every day, so naturally, Desi hatched a plan to get him a friend. Soon, with the help of Michael in Ruby’s IT Department (which has had both a cardboard wookie and Boba Fett in the past), Cardboard Stormtrooper was on its way!

The connection was instant. Adam tweeted the following photo:

Everyone at Metal Toad Media –

I received a call last week for Griffin and spoke with Mike Bijon. I looked at your company’s website to learn more about you and what you do. I couldn’t help but notice the cardboard cutout you have listed as one of your employees. I have decided that Han Solo needs some company. Here is a stormtooper for you all! Since you go to Han Solo for guidance and wisdom, you can go to this stormtooper to shoot ideas to. There is no need to worry about him shooting back since we all know he is notorious for missing shots. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do!

PS I must give credit to Michael, our Level 10 Desktop Wizard here at Ruby. He helped me write this card!

A WOW-worthy card to accompany a WOW-worthy gesture — great work, Desi!

If you’d like to get to know the newly-added Cardboard Stormtrooper and the rest of the incredibly fun, smart Metal Toad crew, check out their Company page!