blue box

In an increasingly digital world, it can be tough to reach through the miles of telephone line and Internet cable to truly connect with another person. Yet, when that connection is made, the impact can be magical.

Our WOW story this month isn’t about something we’ve done for a client, but what a client has done for us. Three years ago, Janet Bailey entered our lives. The company at which she was employed had recently become a Ruby client and Janet became a regular contact. Her sweet and cheerful demeanor quickly made her a favorite among the receptionists. After all, who wouldn’t find themselves smiling when being greeted with a “”Peace and blessings, how are you?” She took care to learn our names, and whenever we announced a call to her, she would make sure that we knew how excited she was to talk to us personally.

In addition to wanting to get to know us as individuals, Janet was always curious as to what our office was up to. She would inquire about upcoming holiday celebrations, our families, or if we felt blessed that day. And when she wasn’t chatting with us on the phone, she showed she was thinking of us by sending little gifts in the mail. One time she sent us a box that not only was full of cookies, but pictures of herself and her co-workers. She even took the time to write down the names of all the receptionists she could think of on the card, to give them a special shout-out.

All of Janet’s small gestures over the years have really added up, touching many in the Ruby community, and creating a long and wonderful friendship.

So, you can imagine our disappointment when Janet told us she would be moving on, and no longer be a contact on the company’s directory.

We knew we wanted to do something special for Janet, to show her how much her warmth and friendship meant to our company. Over the course of a few days, Rubys contributed handwritten notes, drawings, and pictures, which were then bound together into a special booklet.

At Ruby, we think of ourselves as “day makers,” always looking for ways to go above and beyond to make callers feel special. Janet, you have been a day maker for our staff her at Ruby. You embody the Ruby values of “Create Community” and “Foster Happiness”, making us part of your life and spreading smiles all around. You are an inspiration to our community, and we very much look forward to your joining us for a happy hour soon so we can thank you in person!