Image Credit: Scott Woods-Fehr via Flickr
Image Credit: Scott Woods-Fehr via Flickr

The connections humans make with each other come in all forms—where we live or grew up, what we do for living, our passions and interests, etc. These are the obvious connections, ones we share openly with each other. Making a deeper connection, however, often means looking for the subtle cues—a talent at which Rubys excel.

Amber RReceptionist Amber R. was going about her day when she answered a call from a gentleman at a feed store who was calling to inform our client, Jay Breneman, his chickens (yes, chickens) were ready to be picked up. Amber diligently took down the information to pass along to Jay. At most other services, this is where the interaction would end. Amber, however, saw an opportunity to make a unique connection.

As someone who grew up with pet chickens, Amber felt an instant kinship with Jay. She decided to send him some chicken treats, along with a feeder and water base, for the new additions to his pet family.

Jay was surprised and delighted when he received this unexpected care package from Amber and Ruby. He sent us this very sincere letter in response:

Dear Amber and everyone at Ruby,

I wanted to share how incredible it was to come back to the office from out of town and find that special package from you! I really appreciate the thoughtfulness you expressed by taking it upon yourself to send that starter gear when you heard we had chickens coming. Our four Buff Orpingtons and Red Rangers seemed more delighted than usual when I showed it to them.

I spend the majority of my time alone at my desk in the original old jail in Ashland, Virginia that now serves as my office. When I opened your thoughtful gift, it made me feel that y’all are more than just providers of a service—you are part of my team. That feeling that I’m not doing this alone truly does help me do the work I need to do for the people who have come to me for help.

I truly appreciate you and everybody else at Ruby. You continue to far exceed the expectations I had when we first signed up. Thank you for being a team I can rely on.

—Jay Breneman, Breneman + Baggs, P.C.

Jay hadn’t told Amber he was expecting pet chickens, or that he even had a passion for raising animals. Instead, Amber saw the opportunity in an indirect interaction because, as a Ruby, she’s always listening for ways she can go above and beyond for her clients.

Congratulations to Jay and his new chicken herd! We look forward to seeing them grow!