Ruby customers have a diverse taste in music—from jazz to hip-hop, country to classical. Yet, no matter your preference, unless you’ve avoided the Internet for the past 10 years, chances are you’ve heard of Beyoncé. Former member of 90’s girl group, Destiny’s Child? Top-selling recording artist? Rival of Becky? (You know, the one with the good hair?)

Ruby customer, Valerie has definitely heard of Beyoncé. In fact, as Ruby Problem Solver & Happiness Maker, Tim learned, Valerie recently attended one of Bey’s concerts. Tim knew how excited Valerie must have been and what an epic experience she probably had. So he decided to get his team together to bring a bit of Beyoncé flair to Valerie—Ruby style!

Tim enlisted the help of his fellow Rubys, Chloe and Renata, to create a Customer Happiness team trifecta. They sang, they danced, they even played a ukulele. Choosing one of Beyoncé’s throwback hits, “Irreplaceable”, they delivered Valerie (aka, Valeroncé) the concert encore of a lifetime.

Valerie was tickled pink! How could she not be?

“YAASSS! This made me smile so big!! Y’all know this is fair game for social media, right?!?!”

This crew truly put it all out on the line to make a customer smile. They weren’t afraid to get a little goofy, have some fun, and share their unique talents and personalities. Chances are, whenever Valerie has the opportunity to chat with any of these three, she’s going to remember their video and that smile will return to her face.