Our virtual receptionists don’t see each call as just a call; they see 250 opportunities to make a connection each day! We form relationships with our clients and really get to know them and their businesses. In this WOW Story of the Month, two of our wonderful employees, Problem Solver & Happiness Maker Jennifer Christensen and virtual receptionist Madi H., got to talking about how wonderful they thought one of our clients was:

“Madi and I were outside chatting one day, and she mentioned we have a pretty famous country music singer as a client. Instantly I said, ‘Frank Ortega!’ We chatted about how utterly hilarious and friendly this man is and decided to get him a gift for always making us laugh and smile. We sent him a Bedazzler!” Why a Bedazzler? Jennifer explains, “Frank is a force of nature with an amazing sense of humor, and no matter who he speaks with he is kind, friendly, and funny!”

Along with the Bedazzler they included the following picture of a man wearing a “blinged out” suit. Little did they know, that picture held a special meaning to Frank.


The response Madi and Jennifer got is the reason WOWism is one of our favorite Core Values. He called saying, “How in the world do you know me so well?!” As it turns out, the man in the picture is wearing a Manuel outfit, and Frank knows Manuel personally; Manuel has designed clothes for everyone from John Lennon to Frank Ortega himself! Jennifer and Madi had the pleasure of hearing Frank tell some exciting rock and roll stories and felt more connected to him than ever.

Frank went on to give the girls a shoutout on his Facebook page and sent a kind follow-up email:

“Hey there, again thank you both for the nice gift and kind words. I have attached some pictures of me wearing some Manuel pants and a few other things that I mention to you, there is also one in there of myself, Garth Brooks and Manuel in which I’m wearing a brown Manuel coat. I also included one of my favorite posters that I like about the universe and a baby picture of me for no reason whatsoever.

If y’all have a minute, stop by www.mycrappypicture.com. They will be making some changes to the homepage and announcing that all the money I raise there will be going to charities for animals and breast reconstruction for women who cannot afford it (read the testimonials, they are superb). Look forward to coming your way after my single hits the radio.”

Frank, Garth Brooks, and Manuel
Frank, Garth Brooks, and Manuel

Practicing WOWism helps us foster and strengthen our client relationships, fulfill their unexpressed needs, and in a lot of cases, it gives our clients room to WOW us right back! These are some of the moments that make our days filled with happiness and excitement at Ruby.

Check back next month to read about another wonderful WOW story!