Your day is probably jammed full of meetings, phone calls, lunches projects, and more. Wouldn’t it brighten your day to receive a note of encouragement or surprise gift out of the blue?

Ambassador of Wowism, Sara-Lee B.
Ambassador of Wowism, Sara-Lee B.

That’s just what Ambassador of WOWism Sara-Lee did for client Todd Peterson. Todd is a successful — and busy — attorney. His popular personal injury law practice gets a large number of call each day, and impressively, Todd always answers his phone. He had been on Sara-Lee’s mind after she noticed he was having a particularly busy morning, transferring him call after call. She thought to herself, “I have to do something nice for him!”

Next thing we know, Sara-Lee is chatting with Todd’s assistant, learning more about him. She asked about what he likes to do for fun, what he enjoys to eat, and does he travel? She learned that Todd was an Abraham Lincoln fanatic. The search was on for the best Abraham Lincoln gift someone could want — and she found it: the perfect Abe Lincoln pillow.

Todd was blown away: “Thank you so much for the Lincoln pillow — it’s so wonderful! Yes, I am a Lincoln fan; I saw the movie three times and even took the whole office. You guys are great!”

A few weeks later, Ruby was celebrating the opening of our new Beaverton office, inviting employees, family, and local clients to the festivities. Among the smiling faces was Todd Peterson. Though they had only spoken over the phone, because of the thoughtful gift, Todd and Sara-Lee were able to hit it off right away!

Finding out more about your clients and sending something unexpected inspires lasting, meaningful connections. Keep an eye out for opportunities to wow, and it’s sure to make a difference!