Tara Hammond
Problem Solver & Happiness Maker, Tara Hammond

Ruby values happiness and practicing “WOWism”, right down to our fun and unique job titles. Each receptionist team has a name—“Blazing Rubys”, “Gems”, to a name a few—while other departments include titles such as “Happiness Concierge” and “Ambassador of WOWism.” These titles are purposefully chosen to reflect our brand and, most importantly, never fail to surprise and delight our clients.

So naturally, when Michelle Dorado got a call from Problem Solver & Happiness Maker, Tara Hammond, she immediately fell in love with Tara’s elaborate title. Michelle, a Controller by trade, decided she wanted to have a fancy title as well, and proclaimed herself as the “Finance Goddess” while on the phone with Tara.

We love when client’s share in our values, so Tara wanted to do something special for Michelle. Working with Shawna, an Ambassador of WOWism, Tara selected the perfect gift to celebrate Michelle’s new title—a beautiful, customized name plate!

Michelle WOW Gift

Michelle was thrilled with her gift:

“THANK YOU! I love it. That was so unexpected and very appreciated.”

Congratulations Michelle on your new title! We’re happy we were able to inspire you to unleash your inner goddess!