Hand holding stuffed felt hearts

Ruby customer, Jonathan Whistman, received a call that you never want to get: his coworker, Kellie, had been in an accident. A major one. Miraculously she sustained only extensive bruising and discomfort.

Following the accident, Jonathan called into Ruby to ask that Kellie’s calls be rerouted while she was out recovering. What happened next, he never expected.

heated neck wrapWimberley M., the receptionist handling the call, wanted to show Kellie that we were thinking about her in this difficult time. She hoped to send something that would soothe Kellie’s pain and her spirit. Something warm. Something simple. She decided on an aromatherapy heated neck wrap that would provide some comfort to Kellie just when she needed it the most.

Kellie and Jonathan were so touched by this simple gesture, that Jonathan published it on his blog. The post featured companies who fostered a sense of human connection in the wake of this event. Sound familiar?

Since it was published, Jonathan’s post has been viewed over 700 times and has garnered a slew of likes and comments. He shared that Ruby was already doing a superb job of handling their calls before they received Wimberley’s package. But it was this connection that has created a sense of loyalty for them; that showed them that Ruby places people and values first.

“Thanks, Ruby. You made us smile in an otherwise difficult week. They also accomplished what no amount of corporate advertising could; they cemented our love for Ruby and our sense of loyalty. They’ve earned the right to get it wrong a few times, because in this moment they got it perfect.”

His hope? That sharing this story would, “inspire others to be human in their reactions to the people they do business with.” We couldn’t agree more.