Customer Service Success Story

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say. In the case of this month’s featured WOW story, “they” are totally right!

Receptionist Cassandra T. was going about her day, taking calls, making connections, et al. when she tried the line for Andrew. Andrew remarked that he “had” to refuse the call because he was out of the office enjoying the beautiful weather.

Fair enough—Andrew lives and works in Massachusetts, known for having some tough winters. Cassandra happily obliged Andrew’s request and let him take in that much needed sunshine!

With the return of summer comes the return of the Ruby tumbler pack! Cassandra picked up a branded tumbler, complete with sun block, lemonade, and some sweet shades.

Thinking this was the perfect gift to celebrate Andrew’s good weather fortune, she sent it on its way to Dartmouth, Mass.

And this gift hit the proverbial nail right on the head.

Andrew wrote in to Cassandra posthaste. Not only did he sing her praises, he also gave a great shout out to all of Ruby and even shared that Cassandra’s gift inspired him to encourage his staff to pay it forward.

Hi Cassandra! I just received your “summer care package” and wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Yes, I remember that Friday afternoon when you called in and I said I was out with my wife for the afternoon in the convertible. We’ve had an awful spring here in the northeast – I mean AWFUL. Usually my Seasonal Affective Disorder is gone by the end of March and not lingering into Memorial Day, but we can’t catch a break from the rainy and cool weather here in New England so a Friday afternoon like that we try and take advantage.

As always, thank you to EVERYONE at Ruby for taking customer care OVER THE TOP! Your customer care reminds US as business owners to keep it top of mind too. I just told Amanda here at my office that she has new found authority to send out care packages just like that to clients to show them just how much we value their loyalty.

While Ruby’s mission is to create meaningful connections, our vision is to help small businesses grow. Cassandra’s story delivered on both! She created a meaningful connection with Andrew that he’s sure to remember, and inspired him to begin sending gifts to his own clients—a surefire way to keep those clients happy and retain business. WOW!

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