Who hasn’t heard a rockin’ RingBack tone every now and again? Does the unexpected musical treat make your day a little brighter? Have you ever told the person on the other end of the line how delighted you were? Ruby receptionist, Krystal recently did just that!

She was transferring a call for Mike when she was surprised by his classic rock RingBack tone. When Mike answered the line, she remarked how much she was digging his tunes. It turns out, Mike was really appreciative that someone noticed his selection. Krystal transferred the call through, and Mike went about his day.

A few days later, what should arrive in Mike’s office? A Pink Floyd album on vinyl from none other than Krystal. Given his clear musical preference, Krystal thought he might enjoy another throwback in its original form. And Krystal was totally right!

If she hadn’t taken this extra moment to mention her joy, she might have never connected with Mike, and he would be left without such a personal gift. This interaction gets right to the heart of what Ruby is all about: creating meaningful, personal, human connections.

“I just received your amazing card and fantastic PINK FLOYD album! Yes, I too love PF—great album. You are amazingly kind and sweet and thoughtful. Can’t believe you did this! THANKS!!!! Hugs…Mike”

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