This WOW story begins, as many at Ruby do, with a phone call.

It was a typical Wednesday when receptionist Peggy received a call for Ruby client Pam. Before taking the call, Pam asked Peggy how she was doing today. Excited by the opportunity to chat, Peggy responded enthusiastically with, “I’m great!” A bit taken back by the spark of excitement in her voice, Pam commented on how impressed she was by Peggy’s energy and cheeriness, particularly for a Wednesday. Peggy responded that she wouldn’t have it any other way, especially on Hump Day! They shared a laugh chatted about the popular Geico commercial featuring a camel walking around the office asking people what day it is. (Spoiler alert: It was Hump Day.) As the conversation wrapped up, Pam said, “Well my goodness! I’ll tell you this—you know I’m going to be seeing that camel walking around the office all day long now!” They wished each other well and the conversation ended as Peggy transferred the caller.

The connection, however, didn’t stop there. Pam’s last comment sparked an idea in Peggy’s head. What if she could actually make Pam’s vision a reality and could somehow get a camel to walk through her office? Then it hit her—a full suit camel costume! Peggy ordered one and shipped it to Ruby right away. She then personalized the gift with a notecard, including a hand-drawn camel, before sending it over to Pam.

A few weeks later, Peggy transferred a call to someone else in Pam’s office. After her initial greeting, “This is Peggy with Ruby, I have a call for you.” The woman asked, “Is this the Peggy that sent Pam the camel costume?” The woman went on to tell her the costume was a hit and how everyone in their office thought the camel costume was hilarious. Thrilled to have made a meaningful connection, Peggy took to her team chat room to share the story with fellow Rubys. She sent them a link to the costume and had her team cracking up.

Envious perhaps of Pam’s cool gift, Ruby purchased a camel costume for each of our two locations not long after Peggy shared her story. Each Wednesday, one person in each location wears the costume and dances around the office, bringing on many smiles, chuckles, and re-energizing our team for the week. The Ruby then selects who wears the costume for the following week.

Ruby Camel Collage

Peggy took this new Ruby tradition as a chance to show Pam the impact she has made on our office and sent over a video of a fellow Ruby dancing around as the camel. She was sure to tell Pam just how much she, and everyone at Ruby, appreciated Pam taking a moment to share a laugh. It just goes to show never underestimate what may seem a typical call—it can transform into something much more!