Chloe W. notecard 1

This year, something incredibly exciting happened: a new Star Wars movie was released! The world celebrated, and so did Ruby employees and clients alike.

Steve A., one such Ruby client, teased receptionist Chloe W. for having waited a bit longer than most to catch the flick. Her response? A Ruby-themed Star Wars notecard. She even turned Ruby into an X-wing pilot!

Chloe W. notecard 2

Another receptionist, Nikko P., made a similar connection with Steve when he suggested Rubys must be able to use the Force. Unaware of Chloe’s card, Nikko  also made Steve a Star Wars themed notecard, which depicted Darth Vader.

Nikko P. notecard

Steve was so impressed with Chloe and Nikko’s skills that he suggested they go into the card making business. Well done, Rubys!