Ruby Receptionists WOW Story

A little question like “What are you up to this weekend?” can be a way to break the ice, make casual chitchat around the watercooler, or learn a bit more about an acquaintance. And as Ruby® Receptionists employee Geneva learned, it can be a jumping-off point for a WOW-worthy surprise. 

Geneva, a member of Ruby’s Client Happiness team, was chatting with client Jeff over the phone when Jeff mentioned his plans to spend the weekend listening to Bob Dylan. Ever-dedicated to going the extra mile, Geneva decided to send Jeff the perfect complement to his weekend musicfest: a book detailing the meaning behind Dylan’s songs. After wrapping the book and adding a handwritten notecard, Geneva sent it Jeff’s way.

Jeff’s gift arrived on Friday, just in time for the weekend. Not long after, an exuberant email from Jeff arrived in Geneva’s in-box, entitled “How cool are you and Ruby? (that’s a rhetorical question!)” Among other words of praise, Jeff wrote,

“That book is way, way over the top and so thoughtful. Not many people in business these days that listen so closely to their customers and do something special. If Ruby ever decides they don’t want to answer calls, you can always go into the business of teaching others what customer service is about and how to build long term, steadfast relationships.”

Jeff’s reaction shows just how powerful a well-timed gift can be, and how a little friendly conversation can be the first step toward an enriched customer relationship. Congratulations to Geneva on making Jeff’s weekendand making a lasting, meaningful connection!