We know; you’re busy.  You didn’t get where you are today stopping to talk with every caller who wants to sell you something. And as your receptionists, we’re more than happy to screen your calls, giving you the freedom to get your work done on your terms. But heh, since it’s Friday, and you may be looking for a distraction from getting any serious work done, we offer the following reasons to compel you to talk to that next cold-caller:

1. She may teach you something about sales. A successful, well-seasoned sales person has invested serious time in honing her pitch. Use your conversation as a way to pick up new ways to engage others.

2. She may provide a new networking opportunity. If she’s local, she’s talking with other business owners in your community. And if she’s professional, it’s a contact you’d benefit from. Networking is networking – you never know when that contact you made will introduce you to that next opportunity.

3. Stay informed. Even if you’d never need her product or service, listening to the pitch is an easy way to learn what other businesses (and possibly competitors) are using. As small business owners, it’s all too easy to fall into that isolated bubble.  In this lightening-fast changing world, it’s great to keep your finger on the pulse of the outside world.

and finally…

4. You just may need what she’s selling! A successful sales person doesn’t waste time calling on those who don’t need what she’s offering. Chances are, you’re her target market, the one most likely to benefit greatly from what she’s selling.

So go ahead, take that call, and if what she’s selling is not for you, a simple “Thank you for calling – this is not for us, but I wish you the best of luck” will get you right back to work.