Why not to publish your cell numberAs a live virtual receptionist service, we spend our days answering phones for all kinds of companies, many of which are small businesses just starting out — or even one-man or one-woman operations on the go. As a small business, it may be tempting to use your cell number as your business number. The logic is that your clients will appreciate your accessibility and you’ll be able to catch that new client call at any time of the day. However, you might want to think about the long-term consequences.

  • Your business doubles in size. Congratulations! You’re a huge hit and to accommodate the demand, you’ve had to hire on more people. If you receive all the calls on your cell, it might be tricky to transfer calls to other employees.
  • Do you really want to play the role of receptionist and CEO? As the owner of a business, you have a lot going on. If you’re stuck answering the phone all day, you may not have enough time to focus on running your business. Another factor to consider: even if you decide to stop playing receptionist and start providing direct cell phone numbers for each of your employees, your operation may seem piecemeal without a central business number.
  • Your phone starts to ring off the hook. Your cell may start to ring day and night with personal and client calls, and it could start to get unwieldy – and fast. If you make your business and personal lines separate to begin with, you may save yourself a lot of hassle later.

Now that you know the reasons why not to publish your cell phone number as your business number, you may be wondering What are my other options? Stay tuned for this Thursday’s post: “4 alternatives to setting up your cell as your main number.”