Rubys' virtual receptionists supporting the Oregon Ducks football team!
Rubys sporting yellow and green in honor of Oregon Ducks football!

Here at Ruby®, we are all about getting to know our clients and Creating Community with everyone we interact with. We answer phones for companies across the nation and Canada, and we enjoy learning about their communities, industries, and businesses, so we thought we’d share a little bit more about where we live and why we’re proud to have our virtual receptionist service in Portland, Oregon.

7 fun facts about Portland:

  1. The Pacific Northwest is known for being green, which aligns well with Ruby’s sustainable business practices. Our office building is LEED certified, and we even have a Ruby Green Team!
  2. Among Portland’s many nicknames are Bridgetown, Stumptown, and the City of Roses.
  3. Portland was ranked the second most bike-friendly city in the world last year, second only to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We also have lots of alternative transportation options, including buses, a light rail system, and a streetcar that stops right outside the Ruby office.
  4. Portland’s home to the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world, Powell’s Books. Ruby’s just a few blocks down the street!
  5. There’s a massive food cart culture here — over 200 carts city-wide! My personal fave is the Potato Champion; they have Belgian style fries — yum!
  6. Portland is a very crafty city (and many Rubys are avid knitters, jewelry makers, and artists), and birds are indeed a prevelant motif.
  7. Coffee, coffee, coffee! Like all good PacWesters, we can’t get enough. Local roasters, Stumptown Coffee and Nossa Familia keep our virtual receptionists bright and cheerful all day long.

I could go on and on! One of the great things about a virtual receptionist service is that it can be based anywhere, and the receptionists can sound like they’re right in your office, miles away; however, our cheerful virtual receptionist service is imbued with Portland’s vibrant, friendly culture, it’s no wonder we’re able to sound so happy!

Still curious? Check out this video by local creative agency Sockeye, for a virtual tour of Portland: