Friendly virtual receptionist Lauren O.
Friendly virtual receptionist Lauren O.

Ruby® Receptionists’ live virtual receptionists love nothing better than to make someone’s day. We are often delighted by unsolicited compliments from our clients, and we love to hear that the friendly and professional way we handle their calls is making their lives easier.

Our attorney clients in particular have been outspoken about our call answering service, and in fact, several have recently blogged or written articles about us. Here are just a few ways we practice WOWism to support our attorney clients and their callers on a regular basis.

Stay Connected to Clients Even While You’re Out. Attorneys are often called to court, in meetings with clients, or otherwise occupied — and by having a live person answering phones up to 13 hours a day Monday through Friday, Ruby makes their firm sound attentive and professional. A friendly, live voice does wonders for potential client trust. In contrast, routinely letting callers go to voicemail would likely make them wonder whether the lawyer they’re calling is going to be able to make time for them.

Delegate the “Intake” to Ruby. In fact, our remote receptionists can provide even more support for an attorney’s callers and clients. For example, if a potential client calls, we can gather information for a short intake form. Our charming virtual receptionists are great at engaging potential clients, and they help clients feel taken care of. Plus, the attorney gets all the vital details (first and last name, info on the case, how they heard about the firm, email address, or whatever info you’d like) in order to have an informed conversation when they return the call.

Keep Callers Informed of Your Status. Our handy “Whereabouts” feature helps keep callers and clients feel in the loop. Attorneys can let us know when they’re out of the office in court or elsewhere, and our virtual receptionist will inform callers (“She’s in court until 1pm…. May I have her return your call then?”). It’s just like giving instructions to an in-house receptionist as you head out the door — “If Bob Smith calls, give me a call on my cell. Otherwise, I’ll be at lunch for an hour.”

Designate Priority Callers. We also understand how important it is to be responsive to the courts. Many of our attorney clients set up special instructions for us, because though a client may be able to wait an hour for an update on his case, a judge may be a different matter. For example, when transferring a call to you, we may try your office number if it’s a client, but also try a cell number for potentially urgent or time-sensitive calls from fellow attorneys and people from the courts.

We enable every call to be answered with professionalism and charm, regardless of how busy things are in the office. As Ruby client and attorney Stanley Feldman shared with us in an email the other day, “It has been a little hectic lately, but I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the great service. No matter what kind of mood I am in from day to day, ‘my’ Ruby is always pleasant to me and my clients or other callers.”

Now that you have an idea of how Ruby’s friendly virtual receptionists care for our attorney clients’ callers, check back tomorrow for a look at how our we support the lawyers themselves!