Why You Should Answer the Phone

What kind of reception are you giving your customers? A warm, friendly greeting? Or an unfamiliar, perhaps even robotic, brush off?

A recent Inc. Magazine article explored what it’s like to experience two different companies in person. Upon walking in, the author recounts feeling expected and cared for at one company, while sensing she’s wholly unimportant at the other. She writes, “The first makes me feel welcome and the other wastes my time with a process that has neither meaning nor effectiveness.”

The in-person reception is just one of the ways you greet your customers. Let’s explore the impression a phone call makes….

Imagine reaching a recorded greeting, saying, “All agents are on other calls. Please stay on the line”? Would you feel important? Or what if you get lost in a long list of automated options in a phone tree, only to realize none of them matches what you’re calling about…. Would it feel like they don’t actually want to talk to you?

Instead, how would you feel if you heard a cheerful greeting from a friendly receptionist, right off the bat: “Good morning! Thank you for calling Sterling Cooper Draper Price. How may I help you?” This receptionist is eager to help, and able to answer your basic questions. If the answer is a bit more complex, like a quote or consultation, she proactively offers to connect you to the best person for the job.

Which company would you rather do business with?