3 Reasons Your Marketing Agency Needs a Virtual Receptionist

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Building a brand means maximizing on every touchpoint, and no one understands that better than marketers. To a growing marketing agency, the phone is a critical touchpoint—any caller could be your next big client, and a great phone experience can be the differentiator that wins you business. But as much as you want your phone to ring (and we hope yours rings a lot!), an influx of calls can be detrimental to getting things done. If your creative work is interrupted every time you get a call, chances are it’s going to take a heck of a lot longer than you’d like.

So, what’s a savvy marketer to do? You could ask your employees to answer the phone (if you have employees), hire a receptionist (if you have the budget for it), or get expert phone help from a virtual receptionist service. The right virtual receptionist service can enrich your customer relationships while saving you time and money—and give you the freedom to focus when you need to. Here are three ways a virtual receptionist service can give you an edge:


Save money by skipping the salary.
Hiring a full-time receptionist can be expensive. Recruitment, salary, sick pay, holiday, benefits, the costs add up. As a marketing or advertising agency, you have to be strategic about how you spend every dollar, especially because so many opportunities for innovation and growth are limited by funding. The money you spend on a full-time receptionist could be the difference between developing that new strategy and staying on top of the industry, or remaining stagnant. Outsourcing gives you all the benefits of a full-time receptionist, at a better price.

Pay for what you need.
With a virtual receptionist service, you only pay for the time receptionists spend on the phone—saving you money, and giving your on-site team time to focus without distractions.


Virtual Receptionists for Marketing Agencies

Time is the #1 enemy of every marketing agency. There’s never enough time to get everything done. With a little help you can take care of all your business’ routine needs, tackle every project, take on every innovation, and make every client happy.

Virtual receptionists free up time for your employees to focus on other things.
If the ringing phone isn’t interrupting their work day, they have more time to spend improving your services and providing your clients with the highest quality deliverables. Outsourcing your receptionist service gives your employees that time back.

Time zones? No problem.
Are you and your clients in different time zones? Time zones can make answering the phone when clients call a struggle. But, with the help of a virtual receptionist, taking on extended phone hours is easy. A receptionist doesn’t have to work the same hours as your local headquarters, allowing you to bridge the gap between you and your clients.

Hiring staff takes time.
The recruitment process usually takes between two and four weeks, multiplied by the number of candidates. And once hired, you have to train that receptionist—and if the receptionist isn’t a good fit, you have to start the process all over again. In the agency world, time is money, and a virtual receptionist will help you save all that time.


Every deliverable, email, and phone call is a reflection of your brand. And a missed call is a missed opportunity. Your receptionist is your agency’s first impression—an often overlooked first impression. Is the person answering your phone the best representation of your agency?

Improve your customer service, develop your brand.
Ruby® Receptionists provides your clients with a friendly, professional customer service experience that’s carefully tailored to your business. When your employees leave, when they’re busy with other clients, and when they’re on their lunch break, a virtual receptionist can be there to make sure everyone who calls reaches a real, knowledgeable person. Virtual receptionists strengthen customer relationships by gathering information, relaying messages, making a great impression, and being there when you can’t. You aren’t always available, but a virtual receptionist can fill in the gaps.

Maintaining brand image at all times.
Every client-facing conversation is part of your brand. That’s why you want the best receptionists communicating with your clients and acting as a brand ambassador. You want your employees to be upbeat and positive about what your agency offers, right? Your receptionist shouldn’t be any different. Hiring a virtual receptionist will improve your customer service, which improves your brand’s image.

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