Ruby® Receptionists is a virtual receptionist service—but what is a virtual receptionist service?

Are virtual receptionists robots? Aliens? Real people? Well—no, no, and yes!

When does a virtual receptionist service answer calls?

How does it work? What do you get?

And how do different services compare?

Let’s start here:

A virtual receptionist acts as your receptionist service. We fulfill many of the same duties as an in-house hire—including handling incoming phone calls, taking messages, and forwarding callers—but at a fraction of the cost!

Whether the concept is entirely new to you, or you’ve used virtual receptionist services in the past, our new ebook is here to help. Download our free ebook to ensure you have everything you need to find the right service for you!

In our Grow Your Business with Ruby Receptionists ebook we explore all your burning questions, including:

  • How a virtual receptionist service works
  • The features available in a typical remote receptionist service, and with Ruby
  • How using a virtual receptionist service benefits your business

Find out What a Virtual Receptionist can do for you!