If you’re anything like Ruby, delivering exceptional customer experiences is table stakes. If we’re not making our clients say, “Wow!” we are missing the mark! But how can we ensure we’re hitting that target with every interaction? Feedback, of course! That’s where Hively comes in. Hively is an online tool that is invaluable in helping us make our business better and better. A little over two years ago, Ruby’s Client Happiness Department began adding this little graphic to their email signatures:

Hively Review

Created by Staffing Robot, Hively allows our clients to rate their service and leave us comments about how we are doing. They can even do so anonymously! Our busy clients can easily click on the face that best represents how they feel, and let us know exactly what they are thinking in real time:

Getting Customer Feedback Using Hively

We are proud to report that 98% of our clients who provide feedback are happy — making Ruby one of the top scorers in all of Hively’s user base!

Here are just a few things our clients have told us via Hively:

“In these days of voicemail, and less-than-memorable attitudes on the other end, Stephanie’s cheerful, upbeat attitude and obvious desire to be helpful is so refreshing and appreciated!”

“Zach, thanks for catching something I completely overlooked. That’s one of the biggest reasons we went to live assistants vs. automated.”

“Madi was very pleasant and accommodating. She wasn’t in a rush to get me off the phone before I had all of my questions answered. Her tone was the perfect mixture of professional and friendly.”

Feedback like this gives us valuable insight into our service, and our Problem Solver & Happiness Makers feel good knowing they’re making a difference!

How does your office gather customer feedback? Please share your strategies in the comment section below!